Your Ideal Guide to a Full Glamping Experience

There is a growing consensus among many that glamping is a lot better than camping, but those who have been going on their own camping experiences for years and consider themselves lifetime campers will be quick to disagree. Whichever activity you find more interesting or suitable for your needs and lifestyle, however, there may be some things about glamping that you are not quite sure about and would like to familiarise yourself with as well. But what exactly is glamping and what makes it different from camping, and what can you expect from it? For one, you should know that there is a full range of accommodation when it comes to glamping that is far removed from your usual tent. What are these accommodation options, then? Get detailed information about the activities you can consider for spending quality time, on this website: gltctour

Here’s your ideal guide to a full glamping experience.

  • Tee-pees and yurts

Did you know that with glamping, you can choose between tee-pees and yurts as accommodation? So what makes these accommodation choices different from a typical tent? The yurt is actually based on the dwellings of nomads in the northernmost parts of the globe, and they offer an excellent combination of warmth and cosiness with an indoor area that is quite broad and expansive. Yurts are usually made out of canvas which is padded and waterproofed, and come in the shape of a circle. While the yurts used by nomads were designed to be conveniently deconstructed, yurts for glamping are sturdy and can even have timber floors and proper beds and electricity without losing its close feel to nature.

Tee-pees, on the other hand, are based on the tents of the Native Americans, and they have a conical shape along with sides that slope. They can also be made from reinforced and strengthened canvas, just like yurts, and they are popular options for festival glamping as they are quite spacious as well. There are other kinds of glamping and luxury tents for sale in the UK today, and all you have to do is make your choice.

  • Tree houses

If the weather is good, tree houses are an excellent glamping option, especially when it’s particularly mild and sunny. Of course, glamping tree houses are quite different from the usual tree houses we are familiar with, full of dirt and spiders and rickety as well – they are often fully equipped with all the modern comforts we know, and they are often designed as a circle around a big tree trunk, so space is maximised. Sometimes, these glamping tree houses are also nestled among the trees, which make them look like they are one with nature and part of the landscape. More often than not, glamping tree houses are also ecologically-friendly, and they can be quite private, making them perfect for intimate gatherings. They may not be entirely suitable for children, especially young kids, but they are ideal for adult gatherings and weekends away.

For sure, every kind of glamping accommodation you can find nowadays will have its own unique qualities and merits, and choosing just the right kind may be a challenge – but you always have the freedom to try out more than a few so you can ultimately decide which one works best for your glamping needs.

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