Your happy moments with sola wood flowers

‘’Every flower blooms in its own time.’’

But sola wood flowers are timeless, and these wooden flowers can bloom for you whenever you want.

Flowers are a big part of our celebrations. Whether it is a baby shower, birthday party, wedding day celebrations, or even a funeral, not a single occasion of our life is exempted from the presence of flowers. From interior décor to get well soon wishes, and from Valentine’s Day gift to Christmas celebrations, flowers not only add colors of love and happiness around us but give us precious memories of beautiful moments that remain with us for the rest of our lives.

Up until now, natural flowers were the only option to go with for wedding planners, interior designers, and gift shop owners. Faux flowers or silk flowers were there for wedding arrangements for a very long time but considered simply an unwanted option. And why not! Real blooms are beautiful, elegant, soft, and also smell sweet. The only but most significant worst part about getting real flowers was that they went to the waste on the very next day after an event. It was such an insulting attitude towards nature’s precious gift, but there was no other option.

Today, sola wood flowers have changed the game completely. These flowers have already impressed the event planners, brides, gift center owners, and craft lovers with their maximum benefits countless uses. Though sola wood flowers are nothing new to the world of crafts, their durable nature and versatility have given sola wood flowers popularity a massive rise. With every passing day, wooden flowers are replacing the original blooms and opening a new horizon for wedding planners and craft lovers to test their artistic skills.

Sola wood flowers are originated from Aeschynomene Aspera that is known as shoal pith, shoal, or sola. Petals of sola flowers are crafted from the cork-like, cream-colored center of this plants bark. This bark was initially used to make decorative corks for bottles of essential oils because of its scent diffusion ability. Sola wood is soft to touch and easy to craft foam like wood that is diverse and versatile. This material can acquire any shape or appearance, and dying sola flowers into various colors can enhance their natural look. These lovely, sola wood flowers are fascinating, attractive. They can mimic the original blooms, but there are many other features of sola wood flowers that make these the first choice of craft lovers and event designers:

  • Sola wood flowers are durable and can be used in any kind and size of decorative arrangements, DIY projects, and even for beauty hacks.
  • These are affordable in comparison with real blooms and can be part of any floral arrangement for months and years.
  • Sola flowers are correctly substituting the original flowers and contributing to the betterment of the ecosystem by providing natural flowers for pollination.
  • With no pollens, these are ideal for any occasion to avoid pollen allergy.
  • Sola wood flowers do not follow any seasonal restrictions, too, and there are no limitations of any flower for the whole year.
  • Every single sola bloom is handcrafted, and no two flowers can be identical. So you have little varieties fit as size and fiddle.

All these fantastic features of wooden flowers allow you to use these wonder blooms in various creative ways such as:

Wedding arrangements and wedding bouquets:

Wedding day celebrations without flowers! Impossible

Wooden flowers are making bridal bouquets more unique and chic. Sola wood flowers are contributing significantly to wedding celebrations in so many ways. Brides and wedding planners are using sola flowers in wedding decorations, floral centerpieces, bridesmaid bouquet, flower girl bouquet, boutonniere, floral crown or hair flowers for brides, wedding cake flowers, floral jewelry for the bride and much more.

Party decorations and gifts:

Sola wood flowers are setting new trends, and now these flowers are taking over the control of other celebrations and party decorations too.

  • Arrangements of a baby shower or a birthday party are now incomplete without sola flowers. Their affordable price and availability in any color are rising sola flowers demand for small parties and events.
  • Flowers can convey your best wishes and care for someone in the most appropriate manner. Giving sola flowers as a gift to someone special is a way to express your everlasting love for them.
  • As a ‘’get well soon’’ wooden gift flowers have their own importance. Being pollen-free and scent-free, these are a unique and long-lasting gift for people you care for.
  • Celebrations of mother’s day, Independence Day, valentine’s day, and anniversary are also get doubled with the sola wood flowers. These flowers remain with you for a very long time as a keepsake of a memorable day.

Home décor and creative DIY crafts:

Flowers make your home alive, and you can feel your living place breathing. Sola wood flowers create wonders in home decoration. These flowers contribute to some of the permanent decorative arrangements of your house, like in picture frames, floral walls, floral wreaths, centerpieces, wall decorations, and mirror frames. Sola wood flowers cannot wilt or dry, and re-dying these flowers can change their appearance to use in other decorative items.

The durability of wooden flowers allows creative minds to use these blooms in art and craft projects. Original flowers are so delicate, and using these flowers in any DIY floral arrangement is simply out of the question. DIY bouquets, practical pieces, magnets, artwork, outdoor décor, housewarming gifts, and bookmarks are some of the stylish and delightful DIY projects with sola wood flowers.


Real flowers cannot last forever, and you need to discard them at a certain point in your life. Unlike the original blooms with proper care, you can keep sola flowers for a lifetime. These eco-friendly men made wonders are not only creating unforgettable memories but remain with you as candle flies to brighten up and lighten up your present moments. You can enjoy the nostalgic feelings of cheerful and happy moments anytime you want.

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