Yo Gotti Net Worth: Unveiling the Wealth of a Hip-Hop Icon

When it comes to the world of hip-hop, few names resonate as powerfully as Yo Gotti. With a career spanning over two decades, this Memphis-born artist has made waves with his music and impressive net worth. This blog post will delve into his life and career, shedding light on his early beginnings, education, personal life, and Yo Gotti net worth.

Who is Yo Gotti?

Yo Gotti, whose real name is Mario Mims, is a highly respected American rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 19, 1981. His life story is remarkable because he came from a challenging background in Memphis but rose to prominence in the hip-hop industry.

Growing up, Yo Gotti was exposed to the rich musical heritage of Memphis, a city known for its vibrant music scene. He absorbed the rhythms and blues of the region from an early age, which undoubtedly influenced his musical style. In addition to the local music culture, he was also inspired by the talents of others who hailed from Memphis, such as the talented singer Marc Anthony.

However, it’s essential to note that his upbringing wasn’t just about music; the gritty streets of Memphis also significantly shaped his outlook on life and artistry.

Real NameMario Sentell Gotti Giden Mims
Age42 years
D O BMay 19, 1981
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Songwriter
Yo Gotti Net Worth$40 – 50 million
WifeLakeisha Mims
KidsTwo Children
BirthplaceMemphis, Tennessee
Height5 ft 7 inches
Weight72 kg

Yo Gotti Net Worth

One of the most fascinating aspects of Yo Gotti’s life is his substantial net worth, which currently stands at an estimated $40 to $50 million. This impressive financial success has been achieved through multiple avenues, with his music career and entrepreneurial ventures being the primary sources of his wealth.

Yo Gotti’s ability to diversify his income streams has established him as a true success story in hip-hop. Beyond his music, he has ventured into various business endeavors, demonstrating his entrepreneurial acumen.

Early Life

Mario Mims, known as Yo Gotti, grew up in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee. With its rich musical heritage, this city gave him a unique backdrop for his early years. While his exposure to music was significant, his upbringing was far from easy.

Memphis also has a reputation for tough neighborhoods and challenges, and this environment played a pivotal role in shaping Yo Gotti’s life experiences, much like it did for the rapper Future, ultimately influencing his music.


While specific details about Yo Gotti’s formal education are not widely known, what is evident is his resilience, determination, and street smarts. In hip-hop, artists like Yo Gotti often forge their paths to success, relying on their innate talents and determination rather than traditional education. His ability to navigate the complexities of the music industry and the business world is a testament to his resourcefulness and dedication.

Personal Life: Yo Gotti Wife, Girlfriend, and Kids

Yo Gotti is known for keeping his personal life under wraps and away from the spotlight. Nevertheless, some details about his family life have come to light. He is a father, and he has two children. While he doesn’t publicly discuss the specifics of his romantic relationships, his music makes it abundantly clear that his family holds a special place in his heart.

In his songs, you can hear his deep love and commitment to his family, especially his children. It highlights the significant role that family plays in his life. Much like rapper Polo G, who also values his family deeply, Yo Gotti remains grounded and connected to his roots, which is evident in his dedication to his loved ones.

Professional Life

Yo Gotti’s journey in the music industry is nothing short of remarkable. He embarked on his musical path in the late 1990s and introduced himself to the world with his debut album, “Youngsta’s On a Come Up,” released in 1996. Even in those early years, he began making waves in hip-hop, laying the foundation for an illustrious career.

However, his 2012 hit single, “Rack It Up,” truly catapulted him to widespread recognition and success, much like artist Lil Flip, who made waves with his chart-topping tracks. This song became a massive hit and brought him into the mainstream spotlight, solidifying his status as a notable figure in the hip-hop world.

Throughout his career, Yo Gotti has consistently delivered successful albums and mixtapes, including notable releases like “I Am,” “The Art of Hustle,” and “Untrapped.” His exceptional lyrical skill and unique ability to connect with his audience profoundly set him apart. This connection has firmly established him as a respected and influential figure in the hip-hop world.

Age, Height, and Weight

Born on May 19, 1981, Yo Gotti is currently 42 years old. Standing at an average height of around 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm), he presents with a stature that matches his commanding stage presence. While the exact details of his weight are not publicly disclosed, it is evident that he maintains a physically fit and healthy appearance, which is crucial for his dynamic and high-energy live performances. Staying in good shape is essential for artists like him, who put on energetic shows to entertain their fans.

Social Media Profiles

In today’s digital world, staying connected with fans is vital for celebrities, and Yo Gotti knows this well. He maintains a robust online presence through various social media platforms, just like talented artist Chief Keef, who also leverages digital platforms to engage with his supporters and promote his music. Here are some of his notable social media profiles:


Yo Gotti, the talented hip-hop sensation hailing from Memphis, has built a remarkable career and accumulated an impressive net worth estimated to be between $40 million and $50 million. His journey from the challenging streets of Memphis to becoming a respected artist and savvy entrepreneur is a testament to his innate talent and unwavering determination.

As we’ve delved into his early life, educational background, personal life, and professional achievements, it becomes evident that Yo Gotti is a significant force in the music industry. With a strong presence on social media and a dedicated fan base, he continues to thrive and substantially impact the hip-hop world. As he enters his fifth decade of life, it’s safe to say that Yo Gotti’s legacy will endure for many more years to come, influencing and inspiring new generations of artists and fans alike.

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