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I have to be honest, I used to know very little about cryptocurrency. I would hear people talk about, “Bitcoin,” or, “Ethereum,” and wonder if they were discussing something I could ever comprehend! I’m always looking for something new to invest in, so I really was curious about Cryptocurrency, but I just had no clue what exactly it was and I lacked the knowledge in where to even start reading about it. However, then I discovered XTRgate.net and now (if I may brag a little) I feel like I’m a Crytpo-pro!

XTRgate has been extremely helpful to something such as me who was a newbie regarding making sense of how Crypto worked. I used to be unclear on if it was an actual kind of commodity we carried around, if banks controlled it, how it inflated or deflated, all of that. However, I read up on the various kind of Crypto on XTRgate and now feel pretty knowledgeable. I understand how Cryptocurrencies are wonderful because of how secure they are (no banks meddling with my money)! I also appreciate the way it assists in unifying people around the World as while different regions may have their own currencies (Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Lira, etc.) by using Cryptocurrencies I can easily pay and be paid by people all around the entire World! The idea of a uniform currency may have once seemed like science fiction, but it is now something Cryptocurrencies are doing every day!

Now, once I got a handle on what Cryptocurrencies were, I was ready to dive-in to learn about the various kinds and which ones are maybe better investments than others. XTRgate assisted me in learning about that too! It broke-down for me when might be the best time to consider investing in bitcoin during 2020 and laid-out where exactly I can purchase Ethereum. You may recall those are two currencies I said made me throw my arms up in confusion when I first heard about them, well now those and things like Ripple, Beam, and WAX are all familiar to me and Cryptocurrencies I love being able to invest in and add to my portfolio. I’ve truly gone from knowing nothing to knowing a whole lot thanks to XTRgate.

XTRgate has been a total game-changer. I used to be baffled by Crypto, but now reading about it and investing in it is like second nature for me. XTRgate has informed me about all the different kinds of Crypto out there, what kinds of market exchanges I may want to use, and has helped provide me with all kinds of advice and knowledge. If you are seriously considering investing in Cryptocurrencies or just want to learn a lot more about them and how they function I would without a doubt recommend visiting and reading the articles on XTRgate. It is like an oasis of knowledge in a desert full of misinformation and useful speculation. Check the site out today, absorb its knowledge, and pretty soon you’ll be considering yourself an expert in all things Crytpo too just like me!

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