Jorge Keaton is a highly respected education specialist focusing on educational policy, curriculum development, and technology integration in learning environments. He combines deep academic knowledge with practical experience to offer insights into educational advancements and teaching methodologies.


Jorge Keaton’s work in educational policy provides valuable perspectives on how educational systems can evolve to meet contemporary needs.

He is known for her innovative approach to curriculum development, emphasizing inclusivity and adaptability in educational content.

A pioneer in integrating technology in education, Jorge Keatonadvises on effective EdTech practices that enhance learning experiences.


Jorge Keaton has a rich academic research and practical educational leadership background. He has collaborated with educational institutions at various levels, from primary schools to universities, helping them develop and implement forward-thinking educational programs. He publications and lectures are renowned for their clarity, depth, and applicability in modern educational settings.


Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from Harvard University.

Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction.

I am certified in Digital Learning and leading.