Harry Leo

Home Improvement Specialist

Harry Leo, a Home Improvement Specialist, brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of interior design and sustainable living solutions. With a focus on enhancing spaces, Harry's proficiency extends to DIY projects that not only transform homes but also align with sustainable living practices. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, Harry combines academic knowledge with practical insights, ensuring a holistic and innovative approach to home improvement.



Harry Leo is an accomplished home improvement specialist and author renowned for his expertise in interior design, innovative DIY projects, and sustainable living solutions. With a deep understanding of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces, David offers practical and creative ideas to transform homes.


Harry’s interior design skills are celebrated for blending functionality with style and creating beautiful and livable spaces.

His DIY project guides are widely known for their clarity, creativity, and practicality, empowering homeowners to take on home improvement tasks confidently.

He strongly advocates for sustainable living, providing insights on eco-friendly home improvements that are both cost-effective and environmentally conscious.


With years of experience in the home improvement industry, David has worked on numerous residential projects, offering bespoke solutions to enhance home aesthetics and functionality. His writing reflects this wealth of experience, providing readers with valuable tips, trends, home renovation, and decoration techniques.


Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the New York School of Interior Design.

Completed various certifications in sustainable building practices and green living solutions.