Freddie Gethin

Health Expert

Freddie Gethin, Health Expert, brings extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of Nutrition and Dietetics, Fitness Training, and Mental Wellness. Holding a Master of Science in Public Health, Freddie is dedicated to promoting holistic well-being by integrating his expertise in these areas.



Freddie Gethin is a dedicated health expert and writer specializing in nutrition, fitness, and mental wellness. With a comprehensive background in public health, he offers valuable insights and practical advice to promote holistic well-being.


Freddie’s expertise in nutrition and dietetics has helped countless individuals achieve their health and dietary goals.

He is recognized for his innovative fitness programs, emphasizing sustainable and balanced physical health approaches.

His contributions to mental wellness advocate integrating mental health practices into daily life, enhancing the overall quality of life.


Freddie has worked in various health and wellness settings, from clinical nutrition to community health programs. His hands-on experience informs his articles and blogs and aims to empower readers with knowledge and tools for a healthier lifestyle.


Master of Science in Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Certified Nutrition Specialist and a licensed Fitness Trainer.