Dawud Digby 

Fashion Enthusiast

Dawud Digby, a Fashion Enthusiast, specializes in Fashion Styling, Trend Analysis, and Style Guidance. He holds a B.A in Fashion Designing, bringing a unique blend of creativity and expertise to the world of fashion. Dawud is passionate about staying at the forefront of fashion trends and providing valuable insights to help individuals express their style confidently.



Dawud Digby is a fashion enthusiast and trendsetter with a deep passion for everything stylish. He brings his creative flair and impeccable sense of design to the fashion world. Dawud’s expertise lies in curating unique and eye-catching outfits, exploring the latest fashion trends, and offering valuable styling tips to his readers.


Dawud specializes in creative fashion styling, trend analysis, and style guidance.

He transforms ordinary looks into extraordinary fashion statements.

Dawud offers valuable insights into the latest fashion trends and styling tips.


Dawud has spent years as a stylist and fashion consultant in the fashion industry. His career is marked by his ability to transform ordinary looks into extraordinary fashion statements. He has collaborated with renowned fashion brands and designers, gaining valuable insights into the industry.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Creative Arts.

He has completed advanced courses in Fashion Styling.