Alexander Toby

Food & Beverage Analyst

Alexander Toby, a Food & Beverage Analyst, specializes in Culinary Arts, Food Industry Trends, and Beverage Innovations. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Food Science, Alexander combines scientific knowledge with culinary expertise. His insights encompass a deep understanding of culinary arts, staying informed about evolving trends in the food industry, and exploring innovative developments in beverages.



Alexander Toby is a renowned food and beverage analyst specializing in the culinary arts, current food industry trends, and innovative beverage creations. His deep passion for gastronomy and his expertise in food science provides a unique perspective on the ever-evolving world of food and drinks.


Alexander’s extensive knowledge of culinary arts combines traditional techniques with modern gastronomy, offering a fresh take on food preparation and presentation.

Keenly aware of food industry trends, His provides insights into consumer preferences and the future of food production.

Alexander, a connoisseur of beverage innovations, explores emerging drink trends, from craft cocktails to health-focused beverages.


With a background in food science and culinary arts, Alexander has worked with renowned chefs, food manufacturers, and beverage companies. His ability to analyze and predict food trends makes his a sought-after consultant. His articles, rich in technical detail and culinary passion, are a go-to resource for food enthusiasts and professionals.


Bachelor of Science in Food Science from the University of California, Davis.

Certified Sommelier.

Advanced training in Molecular Gastronomy.