The Top of Relaxation: 5 World’s Most Luxurious Resorts

People love spending money on vacation. Someone likes to save, and someone takes an exotic car rental at Los Angeles Airport and goes to the most chic hotel in the city.

For such people, it’s important to get maximum comfort and incomparable pleasure. In order to do this, they are willing to pay huge budgets. That’s why there are a large number of places in the world where everyone can enjoy vacations at the highest level.  Get detailed information about the resort booking methods at affordable prices, on this website: santorini-resort 

It can be noisy party places where relaxing businessmen and their girlfriends spend thousands of dollars on champagne and delicious snacks. Also, it can be quiet islands in the middle of the ocean, which can be booked exclusively for yourself and your family.

Before you start exploring the list of the luxury resorts itself, it’s important to find out that often getting to the luxury places is not so simple. You need contact either with those who have already been there, or with those who can organize such acquaintances.

So, in the list below you will find the most luxurious and expensive resorts, where you can get with minimal effort – only by paying for your stay. Learn more about World’s Most Luxurious Resorts at

Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

The five-star hotel on Koh Samui in Thailand is the most luxurious resort in the area. The hotel is surrounded by stunning white beaches with the finest crumbly sand and emerald-crystal waters of the Gulf of Thailand. The delicate aroma of coconut trees heated by the sun and the noise of nearby waterfalls will accompany you constantly.

For the overnight stay you will have to pay a little more than $5,500. For this money, you will be provided with your own villa with a private pool, a huge terrace and a direct access to the beach. In the room you will find exclusive furnishing. What’s more, a stunningly beautiful dining area right on the coast and a huge bathroom with a view of the bay are also at your disposal.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

This is another famous spot for the travelers who like exclusive holidays. It’s located on its own island in the UAE. In addition to beautifully furnished rooms with views of the Persian Gulf, this giant boasts several of the best viewing platforms. Some of them are located right in the restaurants.

Typically, such expensive resorts include various entertainments. This hotel is not an exception: it has its own panoramic aquarium, a water park, as well as the most luxurious spa in the world. In addition, the huge building is equipped with a helipad. This is important for people whose time costs serious money and who value privacy.

Mandarin Oriental New York

Those who like traveling through huge cities can remember their vacation by visiting Mandarin Oriental New York. An indescribable atmosphere of luxury reigns at this five-star New York hotel.

It offers incredible suites with panoramic windows that offer gorgeous views of the city. The room will cost only $4,000 per night. Even while taking a bath, a hotel guest will be able to admire one of the most expensive cities in the world through the window. The location of the hotel allows getting to the best shops of the world and its most famous theaters, as well as exhibition halls in a matter of minutes. Also, the hotel makes it possible to walk along the paths of the world famous Central Park.

Milaidhoo Island

Truly you can get to a paradise place if you go to the Maldives. Perhaps, there’s no cleaner water anywhere in the world, because it’s here that the UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve is located. If you need the most luxurious beach vacation, then you will surely find it on Milaidhoo Island.

For a night in this incredible place you need to pay a little more than $5,000. Then you will find yourself in a stylish snow-white villa surrounded by greenery and standing directly on the water, to which a private plane will deliver you. Few expensive resorts boast such a unique location.

Without exception, all the rooms of the hotel are open to warm oceanic winds. They are also furnished in accordance with the most demanding tastes. You can go down into the ocean directly from the villa.

Guests can enjoy the delicacies of local chefs, and try unique spa treatments with rare organic ingredients. The resort provides a plane or a large yacht for traveling to nearby islands.

Song Saa Island in Cambodia

About $7,000 will cost a night in a private island villa in Cambodia. A stunning place immersed in greenery and washed by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s one of the most visited places by those who search for solitude and proximity to nature.

Each villa stands directly above the water and connected with the island by wide wooden bridges. Gazebos for dinners, massages and relaxation are comfortably hidden in the heart of the beautiful nature: even a walk along them is an incredible pleasure.

Crystal clear light waves, clean air, the freshest seafood, cooked right in front of you. All this will allow even the most tired traveler to forget about his problems. The resort staff, knowing the desire of their guests, makes sure that guests intersect on the island as rarely as possible. Well, noisy holidays are simply prohibited in this place.

You can continue to list luxury and expensive resorts for a long time, including Fairfield Inn. But you can hardly find something more comfortable in terms of the ability to book, especially if you want to go there right tomorrow.

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