Why You Should Use a Dedicated Development Team

Whether the project will be successful depends largely on the technical implementation: are there enough highly specialized experts, how deeply the team is immersed in the project, how quickly communication takes place. The format of the dedicated team helps to close these questions.

This is beneficial for clients, developers, and the company. Today a dedicated team is offered for the technical support and development of many of our projects. So dedicated development team is rather popular.

Inside view

The dedicated team is able to close tasks not pointwise, but with full understanding of how this can affect other parts of the project.

On average, an outside professional takes about three hours just to diagnose. A dedicated team member who knows the project takes 40 minutes.

Dedicated IT team: pros and cons

The second important takeaway concerns employee performance. When specialists are within the framework of one project, they feel more comfortable, they do not have to break away from one process in order to delve into another. Everything is consistent and according to plan. We noticed that in this case, employees are more likely to take the initiative, offer profitable and systemic solutions. They are worried about the project, they feel a great involvement in the common cause.

Customer perspective

In the classic version, the dedicated team model works like this:

  • The client defines the goals and objectives of the project.
  • The company provides a team that meets the requirements of the project.
  • The client gets full control over the project and the team.

The main advantage for the client is the transparency of the processes and the ability to control them. If the client outsource the project, he receives intermediate results, but does not see the whole picture of the development. Communication with the team in this case occurs only through the manager.

Such an integrated approach and immersion helps to gain a deeper understanding of the project. Also, in this case, the customer can resolve all issues directly with the team. Employees also promptly inform the client about problems or voice new ideas.

This work format has other important advantages as well.

Clear focus on specific tasks

With full immersion in the project, the specialist knows the specifics and can advise on the most successful solutions.

Continuous integration and fast development cycle

When a project is in development, new ideas and requirements often arise that are dictated by the market by Diceus. If a dedicated team is working, the implementation process is faster due to a closer connection with the client and an understanding of the nuances of the project.

Less recruiting and administration costs

Hiring specialists in the staff is not only more expensive, but also more difficult. Typically, companies require specific niche competencies. It takes time to find the right employee, which increases the project implementation time.

With a dedicated team, you don’t waste time. Our specialists have the necessary knowledge in the subject area. In addition, the team draws on the experience of other completed projects, which further strengthens its expertise.

How the team is formed

We usually put together a dedicated team of people who have already worked on the project. Often the customer is familiar with them. The format of the dedicated team is a logical continuation of the development of those projects that we were engaged in as technology partners.

In the process of work, the customer, depending on the needs, can increase or decrease the staff – this is one of the options.

The specialization and the number of employees are variable and depend on the needs and tasks. For example, one project required layout designers, back-end developers, and a designer. Periodically, a designer was also required, but there was no constant workload for this specialist. In this case, it was irrational to include him in the team. It is much more convenient to attract him additionally and pay for the hours separately.

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