Why You Should Start Using Animated Explainer Videos

Videos online have the highest retention rates; viewers would rather watch a video about the brand than read text about it as people would need more time to read lengthy writing pieces. The generations today are said to have short attention spans, so animated explainer video production is the best option to promote your business or organization. 

Animated videos meant to explain something shouldn’t come off as trying to make a sale but should aim to inform the target audience. Make customers curious about what else you have to offer by making them watch your explainer video, as this can bring in new clients who might become devoted brand advocates. 

8 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Animated Video Explainer Videos

The term “explainer video” refers to animated presentations of corporate messages. The value of explainer videos might change depending on where they’re used and how they’re promoted. Businesses employ explainer videos to increase conversions, but these videos also have other uses. Some of the many advantages of using an explainer video are as follows: 

1. Website Traffic Increases with Explainer Videos

Web pages with engaging videos do particularly well in search engine rankings. This is because search engine crawlers won’t have trouble locating and analyzing such content to provide a ranking. Once your video becomes popular, you’ll see a surge in visitors and sales. 

Customers put more faith in highly ranked websites and articles, so ensure your website features animated explainer films if you want people to pay attention to your services or products. 

2. Makes even the most complex topics easy to digest

Extreme complexity is usually beyond the comprehension of the average person as they are likely to get even more perplexed by your attempts at communication and comprehension. 

Animated explainer videos are a great way to make a complicated topic easier to understand because they show the situation and give a clear explanation. A fantastic use for them is demonstrating the operation of a product, the benefits of a service, or the advantages of new technological development. 

Animated explainers are useful because they capture people’s attention, simplify complex ideas, and highlight the most crucial elements. 

3. Improves Your Video Marketing Funnel

Customers’ actions in the sales process will vary from company to company. Clients can be guided through your sales and marketing pipeline using explainer videos highlighting their roles at each juncture. There are specific uses for explainer videos at each stage: 

1. Client Awareness

Increased brand recognition is one of the many benefits of an explainer video. Your company’s framework, product needs, and opportunities will also be discussed. Make a good impression on potential customers by explaining what you do and why you can be trusted.

2. Considering Stage

Potential buyers check out the competition as they are interested but still contemplating. This involves demonstrating your unique selling proposition or what sets you apart from competitors and addressing the pain points of your prospective customers. Emphasize the positive changes that your product will bring about in their daily routines. 

3. Deciding Stage

Using animated explainer videos may change a customer’s mind. Customers could be enticed to click the link at the end of the video so ensure that as an entrepreneur, you build buzz about your product before you release it. 

4. They Illustrate Both Issues and Answers

Animated explainer videos simplify problem-solving, and a business thrives when problems are solved for its customers. Customers aren’t fond of lengthy sales materials or explanations from businesses. Compared to regular videos, animated explanations have more personality and flair as short, entertaining videos engage customers and humanize brands. 

5. Animated Explainer Videos Are Affordable

The production cost of an animated explainer video would be high in light of all these advantages. In a positive turn of events, it is not. For several reasons, making an animated explainer video is far more cost-effective than making a live-action video or a TV commercial. 

  • The production team spends less time creating them because they are simple
  •  It may save money on sets because everything is done digitally on a computer
  • They can avoid the high costs of using real actors and crew members such as set designers, customers, make-up artists, chefs, etc

Budgetary constraints on live-action filmmaking can be overcome via animation.

6. Animated Explainer Videos Work for Any Industry and Market

One of the animated explainers’ greatest strengths is that they may be applied to any industry. They are flexible enough to serve the needs of any business, from brand-new startups to established multinational conglomerates.

If you create an explanation video, prospective clients can view it from anywhere with an internet connection. Animated explainer videos are a great tool for expanding your company’s reach internationally.

7. Animated Explainer Videos Are Simple to Distribute

The primary goal of an animated explainer film is to convey a solution to a problem or a startup’s strategy. Still, it’s also helpful if the video is entertaining and easy to share. Videos that are clever, funny, or otherwise unexpected are more likely to become viral.

8.  Animated Explainer Videos Make a Good First Impression

People want to learn about a thing through a video before spending money on it. The one with the most impressive video can with more customers and clients, so get their attention and prove your worth using an animated explainer video.

Potential customers would appreciate a concise text accompanied by a video that summarizes everything in a few minutes. 

Use Animated Explainer Videos Now!

Animated explainer videos can break down even the most complicated ideas and help your audience understand them. Contact a company that makes videos or designs graphics to find out how they can help your business. You should make a good video that people would want to watch.

If you don’t have the skills or time to make your marketing solutions, you can hire a company that does. A company that can help with branding, web design, animation, and other graphic design services to solve your design problems. 








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