Why You Should Go To a Drug Detox Center If You Notice These Warning Signs

In the beginning stages of serious drug addiction, it can actually be pretty hard to notice as you slide further and further into dependency.

However, as the addiction progresses and becomes more severe, the warning signs become much more obvious. In fact, some tell-tale symptoms will be quite noticeable if you look out for them.

We have broken down some of the most common warning signs when it comes to drug addiction. If you recognize any of them in yourself, it is certainly time to consider checking into a drug detox center.

Cravings and relapse

One of the most common signs of addiction is that you are getting serious cravings and using them often. Certainly, some people can recreationally use drugs and alcohol without developing dependency and addiction. However, if relatively rare drug use is becoming more and more common, that is a strong sign that you are developing an addiction.

Your tolerance is increasing

Another really clear sign that you are developing an addiction to one drug or the other is that your tolerance for the drug itself is increasing. This typically shows itself in the fact that you progressively need to take more, or utilize a more direct form of consumption to feel the drug’s effect.

When tolerance increases, it forces the user to consume more of the drug, which both furthers the addiction even more and makes overdose more likely.

Impact on memory and motivation

As people begin to slip into drug addiction, the addiction itself begins to play a motivating role for many things that they do. In the most dramatic instances, the addiction serves as the sole motivator for the addict to do just about anything.

For that reason, when a person is not using drugs, they will end up noticing dramatic impacts on their mental and physical health. On top of that, there will be little motivation to work, spend time with the people you love, and take part in activities you used to enjoy before the addiction took hold.

Serious withdrawal symptoms

One final key sign that your drug use has turned into full-fledged drug addiction is that whenever you try to wean yourself off the drug you experience serious withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can range from anything from serious mental health issues that lead to violence or self-harm, to physical discomfort and pain, to – in the most serious cases – even death. If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, the best way for you to start working towards a drug-free lifestyle is to check into a detox center and begin the hard, but rewarding journey back towards sobriety.

Addiction can be beat

Sometimes, it feels as though drug addiction can never be defeated. However, that is not true! If you are willing to do the hard work and commit to sober living, you can achieve freedom from your drug addiction.

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