Why you should go the natural route

In today’s society, there are thousands of different remedies for pain relief, however some of them come with dark side effects that no one thinks about before taking them. As said, there are tons of different remedies for pain relief, and the cool part is that there are just as many remedies for natural pain relief as there are artificial solutions such as pharmaceutical medications. It’s important to research extensively on whichever path you decide to go down for relief. I will mention a few different ways and methods people use for natural pain relief.

The first difference in natural pain relievers versus over the counter medications is that natural pain relievers don’t destroy your stomach lining like NSAIDSs do. You can look directly on the bottle of many of these and it will say “may cause ulcers, bleeding, or holes in the stomach”. This is very scary to realize, especially for a person who is taking these medications very regularly to combat against some pain they may be having. Natural pain relievers don’t do this to the body whatsoever, in fact, many of the times they will cause for your body to gain health rather than destroy itself by trying to fight pain. The next difference is that natural pain relievers don’t feed bad bacteria in the stomach like NSAIDs do. These medications can cause for infections in the digestive tract, the urinary tract, and even respiratory system. The third and final difference that will be spoke on today and perhaps most important is the fact that NSAIDs put you at risk for heart attack or stroke. It has been said by the FDA that in the first week alone, a persons risk of stroke or heart attack rises when taking NSAIDs, and the longer one continues to take these medications, the higher the risk continues to get. It’s not worth risking these events just for some temporary pain relief when there are many other safer alternatives that are giving the exact results back to people. It’s a very crazy thing that these medications are available at any drug store or gas station to purchase simply over the counter. Next time you are at the store or about to purchase on of these medications, take a look at the doctors warning label and tell me if you still find it enticing to take any of these pills.

Natural pain relief is desirable and more attractive for many different reasons. A cool part about natural pain relief is the fact that there are hundreds, probably even thousands of different methods possible to try. They range everywhere from cryotherapy, which is sudden and deep exposure to cold temperatures that release cold shock proteins and begin to heal the body, to certain tiles of natural supplements and spices that are known to battle against things such as inflammation in the body. It’s really a no brainer to try natural pain relief over the latter we were speaking about earlier. Sure, it may take longer to find the specific method that works best for you but in the end, you aren’t destroying your body for a simple temporary fix on your body.

Try to find the method that works best for you, dive onto the internet and read some articles and reviews on the different methods and try one that you think will work best for you. The best part is that even if one doesn’t work, you will have done nothing problematic to your body and you can go on to the next one.


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