Why You Should Get a Serving Tray: Its 5 Practical Uses

Serveware is specialised utensils, like serving bowls, spoons, teapots, casseroles, and serving trays, used for serving food. The term ‘serveware’ comes from the Latin word ‘servire,’ which means ‘to serve.’ You can learn about the best way to present the meal, on this website: http://www.diytelevision.net

Considered basic crockery, every household proudly owns a set of serveware for everyday use and a fancy set kept aside for guests.

Serving trays, in particular, have been used since ancient times to serve food, arrange utensils on the table, and serve tea. Contemporarily, these trays are also used as wall and kitchen décor.

Serving trays are multipurpose and multi-functional kitchen equipment available in various styles, designs, materials, and sizes. Let’s discuss the significance of owning a set of serving trays and some of their latest trending and practical uses.

Why Should You Own a Serving Tray?

Serving trays are important kitchenware items that come in handy when serving tea/coffee or food to your guests and loved ones.

Wooden serving trays serve coffee and tea to guests and loved ones during a visit. The trays come with lip or ear-shaped handles or finger holes.

Historically, serving trays were found in large homes and were a sign of rank and position in society as many recognised the trays and associated them with royalty. Today, the serving tray is an indispensable accessory for commercial and household kitchens.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Serving Trays

  • Serving trays should be sturdy enough to support heavy-weight items and must be completely flat, with a protrusion to hold items in place.
  • Serving trays are found in various materials ranging from exquisite willow wood, acacia wood, stainless steel, mango wood, and plastic. However, avoiding plastic is recommended because of its long-term hazardous effects on human health and the environment.
  • Ensure the trays are easy to clean and well-equipped to carry more weight. Wooden trays in square or rectangular shapes are highly recommended for durability and long-term functionality.
  • If the tray is used often, the size should be large to accommodate many kitchen utensils.

5 Practical Uses and Functions of Serving Trays in Contemporary Households

Serving trays are designed to be functional, and the idea is to be able to transport and display several foods at the same time. Since they have a fairly simple shape, the design plays an important role in making them look stunning.

Let us look at the trending and fascinating functionalities of serving trays:

1. For Displaying Eye-Catching Food and Drinks

Serving trays are an indispensable feature of your dinnerware collection and are undoubtedly one of the most multipurpose tableware. You can use the serving tray in the following ways in the kitchen:

  • Use your fancy willow wood serving tray to display delicious treats
  • Present your guests with a selection of appetisers, entrees, or fries and dips
  • Serve a variety of foods such as burgers, bread, meat, or fruit
  • Prepare pieces of cheese, a cup of dried fruit, or even mints after the meal
  • A mango wood tray with plain white enamel inside fares well for serving refreshing drinks or tea/coffee

2. As a Standalone Display Piece

A flat rectangular serving tray in acacia wood or a 3-tier serving stand tower can be best utilised as standing pieces, particularly for display.

The best use of these trays is to convert them into pop or impromptu bars, which can instantly highlight the décor of your room and be a chic addition to it.

  • Presenting the look of a minibar serving tray with sophisticated bottles and fancy cocktail glasses looks enticing.
  • Alternatively, you can use serving trays in the living room, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom to display or store collectables and everyday use utilities.

3. Treat Yourself to the Royalty of Breakfast in Bed

What could be more luxurious than serving breakfast in bed in a beautiful willow or acacia wood bed tray?

If you love the royalty and richness of having your breakfast in bed, you can rely on these functional giant trays that will meet your every wish. You can place pancakes, eggs, fruit platters, and your daily cup of tea or coffee on these trays and enjoy the perfect start to a great day.

4. Keep Things Organised

A serving tray can exhibit functional and elegant features, keep a cluttered space tidy, and be aesthetically pleasing. You can use it as a nightstand or a corner piece to hold important items like keys, remotes, controllers, books, magazines, etc.

5. Add an Aesthetic Piece to Your Living Room or Kitchen Wall

Serving trays are not only used to serve food or hold things – the fancy ones can look fascinating as living room or kitchen wall décor. These eye-catching home décor items are all the rage in modern homes and have surpassed their basic functionality.


A suitable serving tray will make your life easier and exude the perfect aesthetic impression. You don’t have to treat your trays as just a décor statement – focus on their versatility, durability, strength, and functionality and make the most of them.

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