Why you should consider living in DE

Looking to move? Maybe you want to get a change of scenery by moving from the West coast to the East coast, or you simply want to downsize. Whatever the reason, moving to a state with miles of coastline, bustling cities, and friendly people is a great move for anyone.

Although this small state might not have been the first option to jump out on paper, there are many reasons to pack up and move to The First State. Let’s check out why you should skip the Maryland coastline and head to its less-crowded neighbor.

Why should I look for homes for sale in Delaware?

You may be wondering why Delaware is at the top of our list. With many beaches, parks, green spaces, historic towns, and outgoing locals, it should come as no surprise that this tiny gem is one of the best states in our opinion. When looking at homes for sale in Delaware, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the thousands of beautiful neighborhoods.

Coastal vistas

As you browse the homes for sale in Delaware, your search should begin along the coastline, where there are hundreds of miles of stunning Atlantic Ocean views. Some of the best areas are:

  • Fenwick Island State Park – one of the most popular open spaces for fishing, sunbathing, and walking, Fenwick Island State Park offers various recreational opportunities for families.
  • Little Creek Wildlife Area – try and find real estate by this go-to spot for hunting, fishing, crabbing, and birdwatching.
  • Fort Delaware State Park – This unique state park is accessible only by ferry, making it a more remote – but less-visited – public space ideal for a one-day getaway.

Close to urban cities

The First State is a great choice for those who want to be close to the action, without being right in the center of it all. With close proximity to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C, and three hours from the Big Apple, looking for homes for sale in Delaware gives you the flexibility to travel on the weekends.

Safe suburbs

Many protected communities, sprawling suburban neighborhoods, and friendly housing developments make it easy to look for homes for sale in Delaware. From small communities like Dublin Hill to bigger areas like Dover, there is a wide range of choices regarding living areas and preferences.

Tax benefits

Are you looking to save money? Searching homes for sale in Delaware can help you avoid paying sales tax and social security tax, and instead, giving residents tax benefits for moving to the state. Delaware does not charge for inheritance or personal property taxes, helping you save money when it comes time to settle down and retire.


The First State has many good qualities that may not be immediately visible to the untrained home buyer. With miles of sprawling coastline with stunning views, safe and attractive suburban neighborhoods, tax benefits, and proximity to urban cities on the East Coast, searching the homes for sale in Delaware is a smart move for you and your family.

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