Car accidents happen from time to time. However, when these accidents involve a semi-truck, the outcome is catastrophic and almost always fatal. Based on a report generated by Nagel Rice LLP on NHTSA 2017 statistics, there was a nine percent increase in the death toll of individuals involved in truck accidents from 2016, which had 4,396 recorded deaths to 2017, with a recorded number of 4,761.

During that same year, there were 145,000 injured people, which has been the highest number of truck-related accident injuries since 1997. With the alarming rate of truck accidents, there is the need to have a truck accident attorney.

Why Is It Necessary To Have An Accident Attorney?

“Why would I need one?” you may ask. As a matter of fact, semi-trucks weigh significantly – up to 40 tons, the weight of over six African bush elephants combined together. With this capacity, they can be destructive on our roads.

In some accident cases, it is easier to settle outside the legal environment. However, when this involves a commercial vehicle, the size of a truck, it gets complicated. The results are weighty and consequential. Legal expertise is needed; hence, the services of a truck accident attorney would be required.

Would There Be A Need For One?

Most individuals do not see the need for a truck accident attorney. After all, how often do they get involved in an accident, let alone one that involves a truck? It is important to state that anything is bound to happen at any point in time. Although, we do not expect negative outcomes. But bad things could happen sometimes.

In a situation where an individual or such individual’s loved ones, relatives, colleagues, or friends get involved in a truck-related accident, there would be the need for a truck accident attorney. Most truck companies are protected by hired teams of lawyers that save them tons of money during legal cases. Hence, why wouldn’t you need one?

What happens if you get involved in an accident with one of their trucks. How will you defend your rights? Would it be possible to claim your compensation? How will you prove your innocence against a team of experienced truck accident lawyers?

Getting a lawyer may be expensive, but having to deal with a truck accident on your own would more mind-boggling and financially draining. Having a truck accident lawyer who knows every aspect of the law can save you tons of money, and even get you the compensation you deserve.

A truck accident lawyer helps protect and defend your right. Such an individual or company would walk you through various legal processes and provide options that are ideal for your case. Besides, they know the right authorities to contact if the situation gets out of control.

Also, having one will prevent you from being low-balled by insurance companies or from making costly mistakes that would give away your rights.

When Should A Truck Accident Attorney Be Contacted?

This is an important question. Following an accident, you need to get in touch with a truck accident attorney immediately. Time is critical in this situation as investigation needs to commence instantly. Time wastage can lead to the gradual removal of evidence – pavement marks can fade away, witnesses can leave the scene, vehicles can be taken away from the scene and repaired, and injured individuals can get treated.

Another problem faced is that truck companies have more advantage as time elopes due to their team of expert lawyers. Having the right attorney will help you get all the necessary evidence and documentation required for you to win the case.

Truck or 18-wheeler accidents are more complicated compared to a common car accident. You need to seek an immediate legal representation of  an expert 18-wheeler accident lawyer if you’ve been injured in a truck accident. A lawyer knows exactly the complexity of your case and will protect your legal rights to get the maximum compensation you deserve.

If you would like to get in touch with a professional lawyer regarding truck accidents, please visit this link: truck accident attorney.

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