Why Windows is better than Linux? Top Features

If you are a Windows user or you are a Linux user, you might like this article as we will discover the top features and the major differences between them.

These two operating systems are best in their own way but if we put these two in comparison then you might want to decide which will be the best and suitable for you.

As we know, Linux is an operating system with an open-source and Windows is a commercial operating system, but this is not the only major difference between them.

If we see through both of these operating systems then we can put the biggest comparison in the GUI list. Although both operating systems Graphical User Interface is too much different there are some similarities as well and you can have a great comparison between both operating systems GUI as well.

So, if we look into Windows, it is an operating system which Microsoft developed and marketed, it was developed for electronic devices like computer and personal desktops. It has its GUI that allows you to run the systems video files, images and any other files that need a little bit of graphics to run, the display on screen also have a great impact if the GUI of the operating system is not good or is weak.

If we look into Linux, it is an operating system which is open-sourced and based on UNIX or you can say the first name of this operating system was UNIX, it was developed in 1991. The word open-source means that this software is open for any change the user wants to make as this can be very easy and interesting for a user, this can be an entertaining thing to do if you are more into coding because people love to put their ideas and want to build their own type of operating system, so this is the best way to do it or Linux gives them the freedom to make their own type of operating system like they want to.

Now let’s just look into the key features between these two operating system giants.

The Key Differences between Windows and Linux

  • Linux is an operating which is open-source while on the other side Windows is a commercial operating system
  • Linux provides access to the user so he can access source code and can make changes as they see fit or as their user needs whereas Windows do not give any access on the source code
  • Linux is faster when it comes to running, it is even faster than the Windows latest edition of the operating systems, even you can give Linux the modern environment of desktop and features whereas Windows will become even slower on old hardware
  • If you look into Linux, it does not take any user data whereas Windows ensures to take all the user data that is breach of users privacy
  • Linux is the operating system which shows more reliability than Windows, in Linux, it is easy to kill an application if the application Hung’s, you can kill it with the help of command called x kill whereas, in Windows killing an application is difficult, you will need to do multiple times to kill an application
  • Linux has a wide variety of software as in Windows there is a wide variety of video games software
  • The software cost in Linux is nearly free as all the Linux programs, functions, complex applications like as open office application which are totally free but if you see in Windows then there are many programs that are free but most of them are commercial
  • If we look into security then we would prefer Linux more as it is highly secure because it can easily identify bugs and fix errors, however, Windows consist of a larger user base which can be sometimes become a target of hackers that install viruses and malware by hacking the system
  • If we talk about the usage of these two operating systems, so, Linux is the operating system which is used by mostly all organizations of corporate sector as their servers and provides assistance in operating for their security purposes such as Google, Facebook and Twitter all use Linux because of their security reasons, whereas, Windows is preferred by mostly gaming users and by business users or companies
  • There are some hardware that is prioritized on both operating systems, the hardware can be different as they are different operating systems so different hardware will be prioritized to both operating systems. They also have driver support in the present situation.

The real comparison

  1. Access

If we look into the access of Linux users, Linux is an operating system based on open-source and its kernel code can be accessed very easily or you can say that it has an open-source kernel code. The users of Linux can alter the code as they like or as they want to make their version of Linux to look. The access to Linux source is open and anyone can make changes as they want.

If we talk about Windows so, it does not give any source or kernel code access to the users, the only people that can access the source code and change stuff within the operating system are the developers of the operating system and some members of the selected group.

  1. Flavors and variety

If you want to have some high customization options to be available then you should go for Linux as they have various distributions that are ready to customize. However, if you look into Windows, there are only few options of customizations, Windows does not give an open relief to its users on customizations as well.

  1. Licensing

Linux gives you a GPL-license operating system, in which you are free to modify the software, and it can be reused by a number of systems. If you want to you can sell the modified version as well.

If we look into Windows licensing then you will not modify the software or Windows do not let you modify the software, and if see it through the license can be installed based on the number of licenses, it can install on only some of the computers.

  1. Command-line

In Linux, if you look into command-line, it is a very important tool for administration, it can be used as a daily task as well but this is not much of productive tool for the end-users and does not make much of a difference.

However, in Windows, command-line works differently as compared to Linux, if you want to open the command line, you will have to open command or you can say command prompt and then the work of command line can be performed.

  1. Run level

The run level in Linux is a little different compare to Windows, Linux has the ability to stop on some run level or on every run level. But it can give an edge and can let you work on different command lines and GUI.

As for Windows, if we encounter any problem and you want to fix it then you will need to reboot the system on run level 3 as an administrator. You can just find the root of the file and then fix the problem.

  1. Usability

If we look into the installation of Linux so, that can be a little difficult to install but Linux can solve your complex task little easier as well.

While Windows is easier to install and is a simple operating system that is easy to run and operate but it takes time to install this software.

  1. Support

If you are looking for support that can help you in some difficult task or when you are confused or find something missing in your operating system then there are some forums and website regarding Linux that can help you guide you in difficult times, you can do online searches as well.

Whereas in Windows, it also has the support of online forums and websites which will help you in difficult times. Windows has paid support as well.

  1. Updates

Linux has its own updates, you can install them whenever you need them and the best part about updating Linux is that it will take less time in updating and will not reboot while updating.

While in Windows, there is no time of update, any time can an update popup and starts it’s updating of the operating system that makes users a little frustrate and while updating it takes much more time than installing a new Windows.


This article shows all the major differences that a Linux operating system has with Windows operating system. As we have a question for you despite all odds what will you prefer Linux or Windows?

We will be waiting for your answer and please give a reason to support your answer.

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