Why Store Owners Need to Invest in Compliance Signs

Almost a year has passed since the COVID19 pandemic first hit. In that period, our society has been completely reshaped, especially the ways in which we interact with each other. Due to these changes, the post-pandemic future doesn’t look too pleasant for many businesses across various industries. The retail industry, in particular, has experienced massive disruptions during the COVID19 crisis.

During the COVID19-fueled lockdowns, many consumers were compelled to invest in e-commerce. In less than six months, countless shoppers have invested in subscription plans with these e-commerce platforms. According to a recent survey involving retail consumers, 45% of the respondents said that the shopping behaviors they recently adopted during the lockdowns have evolved into “habits” that they wish to pursue long after the pandemic.

If physical retail stores want to win back their shoppers, they’ll have to influence consumer attitudes and behaviors in various ways. One important way of doing so is promoting in-store safety. Safety signage will play a critical role in letting shoppers know that the store owners are serious about preventing contamination risks.

What are Compliance or Safety Signs and Why are They Important

All of us have seen a safety sign before. The signs in construction sites that read “WARNING” or “CAUTION” are perfect examples of these signs. These signs have regained their importance after the onset of the pandemic. Regulatory agencies are demanding retail store owners to put up compliance signs inside and outside their stores.

More importantly, consumers are staying away from stores that don’t invest in these signs. Why shop in stores that aren’t serious about worker and customer safety? That’s the question every modern-day shopper asks him or herself whenever they enter a store that doesn’t have these important signs.

With the help of these signs, consumers can –

Find their Way Across the Store

Safety signs often feature clear directions. “Don’t go there.” “Electrical hazard ahead.” “Organic fruit can be found at the end of the aisle.” These are some examples of customized safety signs that can be of immense help during the pandemic. Shoppers won’t have to speak with store workers to travel from Point Y to Point Z. Neither will they need assistance for sourcing their products.

High-quality safety signs not only help customers navigate the in-store facilities. They also help them practice safer social interaction practices. Stores can essentially print any information that they deem relevant on these signs. Then, they can put up the signs, ask all customers and employees to observe the information presented in the signs, and create safer spaces for customers and workers.

Protect Sensitive Areas of the Store

There are many ‘sensitive’ areas of retail stores that shouldn’t be visited by outsiders. Compliance and safety signs can be used to demarcate such areas. Customers will always know what alternate routes they should or shouldn’t take, thanks to these signs.

Prevent Congestion

Lastly, stores packed with customers can easily become ‘super-spreading’ spaces. To avoid these risks, retail store owners must use safety signs and prevent people from coming together in one spot. Whichever customer doesn’t follow the information presented on the signs, should be asked to leave the store!

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