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English is a universal language; you see its traces wherever you go. It is a language that unites many and aids in effective communication between masses. Even people of completely different backgrounds have all their barriers removed with the use of this language! English is practically everyone’s second mother tongue, and it is extremely important to learn it properly.

Why Should I Learn English?

I’m sure you need no convincing! As mentioned above, English is a language that helps you communicate with a lot of people. This can be extremely beneficial for job interviews or while working in another country. No matter where you end up, English will be the glue that keeps you connected with people.

However, that is not all. Spoken English is only one factor; the biggest chunk comes in written communication with English. Most of the exams that are taken nowadays use English as their primary mode of articulation. Even if a student has seamless concepts, he or she will need to master the English language so as to do well in the exam, because what is the point of all these concepts if you do not understand what the question requires from you, or know how to get your point across to the examiner?

English is also a language full of brilliant literary and research texts. It is important for not only university students, but also for adults in humanitarian or research fields to incorporate the use of this language in their work.

Why SpellQuiz?

As compounded above, English language is an extremely important skill to have in your arsenal. It may have been hard to learn English in the days of yore but worry not! SpellQuiz has all the solutions to your problems!

A safe haven for English learners, SpellQuiz is a site that caters to your learning process in every way! It is the most effective mode of learning for kids and adults alike and has a wide range of spellings to master, with varying difficulty levels.

Grade Wise Spellings

The spellings, as discussed above, are all categorized by difficulty levels. The website has a stellar division of different words in ranges that will be extremely easy for you to learn and digest.

The words, for instance, are categorized all the way from the 1st Grade to 12th, spanning the classes of general primary, middle, and high schools, but also providing a division for English learners so as to better comprehend where they stand at any particular instance and how far they have come in their learning process.

These spelling words are not vague words, put together at random. They have been listed after careful consideration of words that would be of most use to the students at a particular grade of learning. Surely, anyone who learns from SpellQuiz is in for a world of improvement and benefits!

Scholarly Level

The words do not just stop at the 12th grade level. In fact, they exceed to an Adult level. This is for those who have mastered all the excellent levels that precede it. It is extremely challenging and is made with the purpose of polishing a person in his or her English speaking skills and get rid of any remaining margins of inefficiency in the learning process.

To put it clearly, the adult spelling words really help you exceed in this language and master it to the fullest. The adult spelling words are extremely high in their mode of difficulty, as mentioned previously, so it is best to try it out only when you are done with the other levels of learning, so as to not lose your confidence. Fear not though, no matter how you choose to learn the adult spelling words, you are sure to become adept in the English language by the end of it!

Quizzes Galore!

Every learning process is incomplete without a good quiz to test your knowledge and help you improve yourself. SpellQuiz has you covered in this regard too! It has a range of quizzes for each grade level that aid you in the learning process almost as much as the words themselves!

The Spell Quiz for each level is the perfect method to ascertain your own progress in the English language as well. You can gauge how far you have come and how far you have yet to go in order to fully master the language, from every aspect.

You can easily get good feedback from these quizzes by looking up your mistakes and working on them after the quiz so as to improve yourself further.

So what are you waiting for? Google SpellQuiz and test your English language skills in some of the best quizzes available on the internet, or any other medium, for that matter!


SpellQuiz is an effective website that encapsulates every stage of an effective English learning process. No matter what background you are from, or what level of English you currently stand upon, make sure to test yourself on this platform and figure out where you really stand! Work your way upwards from there. It is perhaps the most effective English learning journey!

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