Why Should You Choose Dubia Roaches?

An integral part of pet ownership is feeding them a well-balanced diet that focuses on their health. The dietary requirement of reptiles is very different from dogs and cats. From the live food option category, dubia roaches stand out for their superior qualities, making them a preferred feeder worldwide.

These roaches are oval with orange spots or stripes visible along their back. The males have fully developed wings, while the female’s wings are much shorter. Adult roaches, on average, survive for a year or two.

Feeding these roaches a nutritious diet ensures they pass on the same vitamins and nutrients to the reptiles who consume them. You can treat dubia roaches to:

  • Packaged roach food
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables like oranges, apples, berries, beetroot, bananas, broccoli, papayas, mangoes, pears, pumpkin, yam, sweet potatoes, and carrots
  • Dry fruit
  • Leafy greens
  • Corn

Avoid feeding your roaches with perishables that have rotted or turned moldy. Even cat and dog food are harmful to these insects. You may feed them once a day, but even if you skip a day in between, your roaches will still survive.

Store the roaches at room temperature in a smooth dark-colored container with a ventilation provision in the lid. Maintaining humidity levels at about 60 percent in their habitat keeps them happy. Cleaning out their enclosure every week prevents mold from setting in and reduces the risk of allergies.

Let not the fear of roaches keep you from treating your pet reptiles to nutritious dubias. These creatures are parasite-free, quiet, odorless, do not bite, cannot fly, and will not infest your home. Choosing dubia roaches over other roaches and feeder insects are advisable for the following reasons:

Packed With Nutrition

Compared to other live feeder insects, these roaches offer a significant amount of nutritional value to the reptiles which feed on them. They are bursting with protein and are low in fat. The nourishment your reptile derives from this rich food source is beyond compare.

Easy To Digest

Even if your pet reptile is aged, they can digest dubias with ease. A protein called chitin present in many feeder insects exists in smaller quantities in the dubia variety of roaches. As a result, your home bred reptiles do not have to struggle to consume these creatures.

Transfers Nutrients

Whatever nutritious diet your dubia roaches are fed on eventually benefits your pet reptiles. The minerals and vitamins the dubias derive from consuming vegetables, and fruits get transferred to your reptile on ingesting these roaches.

Since the latter can consume large quantities of food and store it for a few days, it makes sense to treat your pets well-fed roaches. Transferring essential nutrients to your pet reptiles in this manner is highly recommended.

Available In Different Sizes

Depending on your pet’s size, age, and activity level, he or she can comfortably consume feeds of a certain weight in moderate quantities. Once you figure out the size of insect feed that best compliments your pet reptile, you do not have to worry about sourcing it.

These dubias are available in varying lengths and weights. You will find roaches around half an inch in length, and bigger ones are nearly two inches long. The larger ones, of course, are also bulkier than their smaller counterparts.

Low on Maintenance

This variety of creatures is very home friendly and relatively low on maintenance. They demand minimal supplies, and all their provisions are easy to obtain. Simple everyday food and minimum water keep them happy and healthy.

No-Risk of Escaping

In case dubia roaches manage to escape from their enclosures, only human error is to blame. These insects cannot jump, fly, or climb, making it impossible for them to let loose. Moreover, they cannot fend for themselves hence will not survive for long if they exit the enclosure you provide for them.

Grow Slowly

For this variety of roach to reach its full potential in size, it takes several months. When you source a batch to feed your pet reptiles, you do not have to worry about them growing too large. Moreover, your pet may find it challenging to digest relatively giant insects, so you are stress-free in this regard.

No Biting Instinct

A dubia roach is not likely to bite your finger when you hold it to feed your pet. The same cannot be said about crickets, who are known to be biters.

Besides, roaches provide animal protein to insect-eating reptiles and have more of a bite than regular crickets. You will be doing your pets a favor by feeding them wholesome and nourishing meals.

Lean on a renowned supplier who can guarantee quality insect feeds.

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