Why Should You Avail Technical Support Services?

Technical support is provided by the service-based companies to the customers which include services for products such as software and development, computer systems, software faults and providing solutions for applications and technical problems. Their role includes providing support and maintenance to the software. Performance of organisations depends on a computer system in every area of methods and operations. It becomes extremely necessary for the support of IT operations. Technical support services need the application of technical knowledge for computer hardware and software.

This type of support is delivered through email, call, or chat message or through any software. Support specialist is very much familiar for providing support to the services they are expert in. Technical support executives enhance your platform or product quality to provide reliable services to end customer.

What are the key responsibilities of the technical support officers?

Technical support officers are responsible for the functioning of computer systems.

  • Support, maintain and monitor the network and the computer systems
  • Replacement of non-functioning parts
  • Install and configure operating systems and applications
  • Solving network problems, solving hardware and software defaults
  • Proving documentation and descriptions of the software
  • Experiment and evaluate innovative technology
  • Issues such as forgotten passwords and email issues
  • Testing and repairing defective equipment
  • Maintain a healthy working relationship with clients and other employees


Employees with a depth of knowledge of programs and application in the IT industry. Expertise in below subjects will increase the chances of getting the job:

  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Internet Engineering
  • Computer networking and hardware
  • Business Information technology
  • Software Development

Job titles of support services include:

  1. HelpDesk Operator
  • User training
  • Service Desk support
  1. ETL Support
  • Verification of Data
  • Data migration and transformation
  • Analysis of Data
  1. Applications support specialist
  • Change management
  • Performance management
  • Configuration management
  1. Maintenance Engineer
  2. Product Support specialist
  • User support
  • Deployment
  • Product Usability
  1. Functions of HelpDesk Operator:

Responsible for providing technical assistance and support related to computer software and hardware.

  • Monitor everyday performance of the software
  • Help in the problem-solving process
  • Install and modify hardware and software
  • Taking follow up with customers to resolve the issues
  • Providing training and document training manual
  • Identify and give possible solutions
  1. Functions of ETL:

They are accountable for supporting the internal processes. The role is focussed on primary ETL tools.

  • Improve and execute tests on all ETL principles for analyzing, designing and mapping data models in systems.
  • Documentation of test procedure and systems and coordinate with business analysts
  • Monitor business requirements and verify designs and schedule ETL processes.
  • Implement all data warehouse activities and prepare reports.
  1. Functions of the Applications support specialist
  • Extend support to various applications, compliers, system-level software and computing applications.
  • Participate in research and system applications
  • Modifying current software and resolving mistakes
  • Help in the utilisation of new software and changes in existing systems
  1. Functions of Maintenance Engineer
  • Repairing appliances
  • Planning and designing support procedures
  • Managing financial records and budgets
  • Ensure safety regulations
  • Manage stocks of supplies
  • Supervise technical staff
  1. Functions of the Product Support Specialist
  • Organize with custom units to maintain product developments and enhancements
  • Work with the development team in performance analysis
  • Work in product promotion enterprises
  • Provide support in the development, enhancement, and marketing activities
  • Review client ideas, recommendations and product revisions
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