Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Buy A Winter Coat

Summer is just around the corner.

With the days stretching out and the sun reappearing, many people are focused entirely on the upcoming heat. They’re preparing their wardrobes, stocking up on shorts and tee shirts.This makes plenty of sense. If you’re lacking summer attire, you’re obviously going to need to outfit your wardrobe if you’re going to survive July without sweating through everything you own.

But summer attire isn’t the only thing you should be buying right now.

It may seem counterintuitive, but stocking up on winter clothes right now is one of the best things you can do.

Don’t believe us? Here’s why:

Saving Money

The biggest and most obvious benefit of buying a winter coat in the summer is that it saves you money.

Buying a winter coat when right when you need it places you at the mercy of the retailer. They know that the demand is there for their coats, which means they can raise their prices and people will still pay them.

After all, very few people enjoy freezing for 4 months out of the year.

Waiting till the last second leaves you having to pay way more than you would otherwise. You may end up spending hundreds of dollars on a coat you could have gotten much cheaper had you bought it at a different time of the year. Learn more about Perfect Time To Buy A Winter Coat at www.shaftdeals.com

By contrast, no one needs a heavy coat in the middle of the warm season. You’ll likely leave a new coat sitting in your closet for months before actually putting it on.

This means the demand for winter coats is extraordinarily low. With no one shopping for them, producers are forced to lower their prices in order to move their stocked products.

This can be quite significant. It isn’t unusual for you to save 50 percent or more on a winter coat simply by buying it in the summer.

But saving money isn’t the only reason to buy your coat during the summer months.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Any time new clothes are produced, it requires the use of resources. Manufacturers have to gather the materials for the clothing and use fossil fuels to ship them.

This means that each new season’s wardrobe comes with an environmental price. While the focus on ESG compliance has helped reduce the impact businesses are having, it can’t negate it entirely.

When you buy a coat right after its release, you are indirectly supporting more resource consumption. You’re encouraging businesses to continue creating an endless stream of clothing, ultimately hurting the environment.

Buying coats in the middle of the summer negates this though. The coats are likely holdovers from the prior season, meaning your purchase is essentially eliminating the need for manufacturers to produce new coats in the future.

That’s why buying a coat in the summer is more environmentally friendly. You get a bargain while eliminating the need for more resource consumption, helping your wallet and the environment all at once.

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