Why need Enzyme Cleaners for Dog Urine

What’s an Enzymatic Cleaner?

Enzymes are biological compounds that aid in speeding up chemical reactions.

There are thousands of different kinds of enzymes that help with basically everything, from cellular processes in the human body to quickening the decomposition of waste material.

Coming towards enzymatic cleaners, these cleaning agents use enzymes in their formula that help in breaking down stubborn stains and getting rid of bad odors.

Now, we all love dogs, but, obviously, no one wants their guests to be repelled by a nauseating urine stain.

Which means, you need to do something about that carpet stain from when your furry friend decided to break the rules?

Yes, we know how hard it can be to find a cleaner that’s effective enough to remove that indelible stain without bleaching the surface of your favorite couch. But believe us, enzymatic cleaners have totally changed the stain-removing game.

Still not convinced enough to buy one?

Here’s a list of reasons why enzymatic cleaners are becoming the optimal choice of pet owners everywhere:

  1. Completely Non-Toxic Formula

One major reason why you should choose the best enzyme cleaner for cleaning your pet’s urine is because it doesn’t contain any harmful toxics.

Enzyme cleaners don’t have a chemical formulation whatsoever. Plus, their complete bacterial makeup is non-toxic.

Other than that, enzyme cleaners are also biodegradable and completely harmless.

So, if your family’s safety is what concerns you the most, we recommend you to pick the best enzyme cleaner for dealing with your dog’s bad habits.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Most of the times, what’s non-toxic is sure to be eco-friendly as well.

Yes, that’s right, an enzyme cleaner poses no threat to the environment, and you’d be a friend of the planet Earth for using a non-toxic cleaner.

Now, won’t you do that for a greener planet?

  1. Deep Cleaning Action

Even if you get your hands on the best enzyme cleaner, you’d need to wait for some time before it works its magic.

In other words, cleaning with an enzyme cleaner requires patience since these products work slowly. And believe us, that’s a good thing.

Wondering why?

Well, because the longer the time taken, the deeper the cleaning action!

And when it comes to your dog’s pee, a product that offers an in-depth cleaning action is what you should be looking for.

  1. Leave No Stain Behind

In-depth cleaning is another name for leave-no-stain behind cleaning.

Not only does the best enzyme cleaner goes deep into the tiniest cervices, but the cleaning action doesn’t stop even after you’ve rinsed, taken off your gloves, and even scolded your dog.

That’s because the enzymes from the cleaning agent stay back for as long as 24 hours, and keep working to completely remove the stain, dirt, and of course that highly repelling odor.

  1. Breaks Down the Uric Acid Crystals in Dog Urine

Are you still wondering why an enzyme cleaner is the best option for cleaning dog urine?

Well, to answer that, your dog’s urine contains uric acid, which is the reason why they’re so hard to clean, since a traditional cleaner can’t break down this component.

However, a cleaner that contains enzymes, bacteria, or any other such chemicals designed to eat-up odorous bacteria, could break up the uric acid crystals, and also kill the bacteria in urine.

In order for the enzyme cleaner to work effectively, you’d just need to saturate the stain and the area around it with the cleaner, and wait for it to air dry.

And if the stain is too old and dried already, it may require more than one application to completely dissolve the uric acid crystals.

Lastly, remember that different enzymes help break down different types of stains.

So, if you want to make sure you choose the best enzyme cleaner, buy one that contains an enzyme called protease, because that can help remove your furry friend’s urine stain.

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