Why Miniaturized Devices Need High-Precision Scribing Tools

It is a known fact that the wafer cleaving methods and scribing tools are guided by substrate thickness and hardness. It is also clearly understood that the quality of the cleave is dependent on the depth and angle of the scribe, including the crystal structure that lies under it.

This is the reason the sample preparation of Latticegear focuses on streamlining workflows, making sure the quality and accuracy are maintained and at the same time there is no damage or destruction on the samples.

Affordable Scribing Tools Streamline Accurate Dicing Processes and Wafer Cleaving

The concept of preparing the samples through-wafer cleaving and scribing tools must be clean and dry. So, Latticegear founded a solution by developing cost-effective technologies that ensure easy, fast, and best scribing tools. Because of this, there will require no massive investments for the specialized equipment.

The following are a few of the amazing tools designed and modeled by Latticegear, known for their efficiency and reliability.

  • FlipScribe 100 – To scribe on the substrate back is a good and effective option. This tool is particularly used for sapphire, glass, and bonded wafers.
  • LatticeAx Series (225 and 420) – This tool is specially designed for usage in nanofabs and cleanrooms. It also guarantees identical results.
  • FlexScribe – This tool is modeled for varied materials ranging from silicon to sapphire. This tungsten carbide cutter can easily handle III-V and glass compounds. It is a must-have tool for every laboratory. The cuts are straight and need no harmful rulers.
  • LatticeScriber – This is the best tool for hand-scribed projects. It has a great accuracy level and is known for its unique eight-point diamond tip.
  • LatticeAx 120 – This tool achieves high-quality cleaves in less than 2 minutes that vary in thickness, size, and material. This tool is best used for glass, silicon, hard disk drives, sapphire, and other substrates. It is considered to be a powerful tool, where the sample can be cleaved as they are, without any preparation or rules.

Special Attention Must Be Given to Once-Off Samples

When working with small or irregular wafers, the engineers, technicians, and researchers need high-precision repeatable processes. They are usually subjected to rapid and speed processing and tight schedules. They are on the advantage side where there will be no loss of sample quality or accuracy.

Best Scribing Tool for the Project

With the global demand for cheaper, smaller, and faster devices, scribing tools are growing strong with the trend. The scribing tools by Latticegear are the best in nature, which are both innovative, unique, and speeds up the entire process.

The scribing process is a high-precision technique that makes weak areas and points in the substrates. The cleaving procedure is followed, making the subtle materials breakdown at their accurate and perfect spot. If you prefer the materials to be perfect, break at their right place, then you will need the correct scribing tool. Without the aid of these tools, it will become extremely difficult to cut and break at its exact spots.

The selection of the accurate scribing tool is also very important as it will define the quality and perfection of the sample and your project. The quality of the project brings the importance of the project. Since there are many tools available in the market, it sure is to make the user confused. Therefore, if you have no knowledge about the tools, get help from the experts as this is the only way where your project quality and efficiency will be shown.

It is also a known fact that no one tool is made for many projects. Each tool is designed especially for different projects and it guarantees the success of your project. If this prime tool selection step is ignored, then there is a high risk of failure and imperfections.

Creative Solutions from LatticeGear

The complexity of the project is not mattered when it comes to the tools designed by Latticegear. It presents the most creative and unique solutions that will help you survive successfully even in the toughest budgets. These tools have sure made a mark in the industry for their design, perfection, and high accuracy level, which cannot be expected from other locally available scribing tools.

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