Why Lockdown Shouldn’t Stop You Moving Home

Before the pandemic, moving was as simple as renting three or four Go Minis and heading over to your new place. However, because of all these shelter-in-place orders, you may not be sure whether you should move. However, COVID-19 restrictions are starting to lift. It would be best if you didn’t let this window of opportunity slide once you’ve made up your mind to move. In some states, you may still have to adhere to a maximum gathering size, but that’s no reason not to ask a few friends to come over one day and help you move most of your stuff across. You won’t be alone either. Rental Cafe notes that most movers retain their original moving plans during the pandemic. Here are a few reasons lockdown shouldn’t stop your move.

You Can Still Buy and Sell Property

During this time, you may think that buying a property is a bad idea. However, the property market has proved to be resilient, even through a recession. CNBC states that the global housing market is doing fine, despite the other industries being negatively hit by the pandemic. While several estate managers and housing agents are operating remotely with clients, they are still taking the time to show properties in person. Others have adopted video recording and the internet to help them with showing off their properties to interested buyers. Once COVID-safe measures remain in place, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a property to buy.

A Good Time to Settle In By The New Year

We’ve only just entered November, but before you blink, it’ll be over. This year has been stressful for many people, but a move may be just the impetus you need to get you out of your depression. If you decide to move now, the chances are good that you’ll be adequately settled when the new year rolls around. The holiday period is likely to delay things, so getting a jump on buying and moving into a new property should occur as soon as possible. Increased demand has the market moving like a finely oiled machine, so while other areas may be slowing down, property transfers are speeding up thanks to professionals embracing digital methods of closing deals.

Don’t Be Afraid To Move

Opportunities pass us by every day because of fear. While the COVID-19 pandemic is scary, it shouldn’t stop you from seeing out your plans, provided to take the proper precautionary measures. House prices are going to start going up even more as the demand for new homes booms. Areas away from the center of cities are seeing a revival in demand. If you’re looking for a country house to settle into, getting in on properties now before the value skyrockets is an excellent idea. Within city centers, the demand has fallen off, but that makes these properties ripe for investment. Whatever you do, you shouldn’t let your decision be ruled by fear. Instead, seize the opportunity as it presents itself to benefit from the fluid property market.

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