Why Is WordPress the Best CMS for Your Enterprise Website? Why Should You Use One?

Multiple answers might turn up whenever someone asks what’s the need for a website for enterprise business. Some will say that it is like a digital identity of your business that helps people know about your brand and services. Others will comment that it is the medium through which you target and connect with the audience online to convert them into leads and later into potential customers.

Well, technically speaking, all these reasons are correct. In a nutshell, an enterprise website helps companies boost their credibility as legitimate businesses. Today, it has become one of the essentials for a business to have an intuitive and attractive enterprise website that drives traffic. Learn more about Best CMS for Your Enterprise Website at www.transfer-credit.org

In the past, business owners depended only on proprietary solutions and closed systems to scale their business. But later, with advanced and feature-rich platforms like WordPress, things have become pretty easy.

Today, WordPress is considered one of the most popular open-source content management systems (CMSs) for developing fully functional websites for all kinds of businesses. In fact, according to a report by W3Techs, over 43% of the websites are powered by this CMS. Besides this, WordPress has also emerged as the spine for several notable brands, such as Sony Music, CNN, BBC America, TechCrunch, etc., for their digital presence.

Still, many companies aren’t sure about using WordPress as the CMS to develop an enterprise-level website. If you are also unsure whether WordPress can be the right fit for your enterprise website, this article might help you. Here you will find some points highlighting how WordPress can be the best CMS solution for your business.

What Should You Expect From an Enterprise CMS?

Well, you might agree with the fact that every business is somehow unique and has different needs. Therefore, while developing a website, you must use an enterprise CMS that perfectly aligns with your business requirements. Here are a few things that you must consider before choosing an enterprise-level CMS:

1. Headless Content Management System

Today, there is no single channel through which the user can access the content of your website. Therefore, it becomes crucial to pick a CMS offering omnichannel support to enhance your digital experience on multiple devices.

With the help of a headless CMS, the website owners can place their blogs and other web content in a database that can be displayed over a wide range of applications based on their screen size via REST API.

It helps your marketing team share your content across different platforms or devices based on your potential audience’s demands.

2. Multi-site Management System Features

Suppose you have a company that operates in different countries and regions with varying lines of products and websites. In that case, you need an enterprise-level CMS that provides you with a robust administration tool and multi-site management features using which you can manage multiple tasks.

Multi-site management helps businesses deliver a strong brand message and meet compliance standards while operating at different locations. You can view, edit, and manage multiple business websites with an enterprise-level CMS from a single interface. Moreover, the site administrators can track the scheduled content, tweak plugins, and control notifications using the multi-site management system features.

3. Provide Detailed Analytics

With the advancement in technology, it’s a cakewalk to understand and track your potential customers’ activities and their engagement on your website. However, not all the CMS provides detailed analytics that helps you get all this information about your site visitors.

Therefore, it becomes extremely important to have an enterprise-level CMS that can easily track your potential audiences’ activities and offer reports based on their preferences and engagement level on your website.

Remember, the success of an online store largely depends on how much you understand your customers. You must analyze their shopping behavior, what they want, how they want, and where they spend most of their time. Hence, pick an enterprise-level CMS that comes with in-built analytics tools.

4. Support Multi-tenancy

No matter how efficiently your enterprise-level website works, it would need maintenance and support one day or another. Well, that’s not a big deal for a CMS with prompt security and maintenance features.

But what if you have to manage multiple websites in a single system?

In that case, you need one system administration, which is possible by an enterprise CMS offering multi-tenancy. With it, you can streamline the maintenance part and check the updates that occur simultaneously for every website.

5. In-built SEO Tools

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a crucial part in enhancing your business’s online presence and boosting the site’s visibility. Since SEO is a vital aspect of e-business and online marketing, you must have an enterprise-level CMS with built-in SEO tools.

When your website is indexed by the search engines and ranked in the top slots in the SERP, it drives more traffic which results in potential customers. However, in order to accomplish all this, you must ensure to have an SEO-friendly CMS.

4 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best Enterprise-level CMS!

1. An Open-source Platform with Ongoing Support

With the emergence of new technologies and extensive open-source platforms, no business of any size wants to get back to the conventional proprietary software and tools.

Most of them now prefer more open and accessible tools and services that go perfectly, whether a startup or an enterprise-level business.

WordPress is one such open-source platform that connects you with an entire community of developers, web designers, and CMS experts across the globe. Several popular brands, such as The Wall Street Journal Law Blog, Facebook Newsroom, Angry Birds, Sony Music, and many more, have already used this CMS, and hundreds of developers have checked it for its performance.

Moreover, with an open-source CMS solution like WordPress, you will no longer need to wait for your designing vendor’s roadmap as you can develop your own site architecture based on business decisions.

2. Simple & User-friendly Content Editor

One of the most common reasons for WordPress being one of the extremely popular content management systems is its easy-to-use editing interface. While other CMSs relied on making their editing interface complex by adding additional functionalities, WordPress ensures to keep the content editor as simple as possible for its users.

Besides this, with WordPress in-built SEO plugins, you can create and edit the content that reaches a wide range of targeted audiences to generate more leads. Moreover, it also makes sure that your site content is easily accessible from different platforms and devices with varying screen sizes.

3. Result-driven and Scalable

Well, there is no doubt that every business desires more growth and productivity but is your enterprise-level website flexible and prepared enough for all sorts of circumstances? What if your customer demands change or there is an upsurge in traffic on your website?

Is your business website ready for all this action?

Well, a website developed over WordPress CMS can effectively scale your business needs and growth. The in-built plugins will ensure that your site runs smoothly and there is no downgrade in its performance. Consequently, you will have a result-driven website that offers your customers a streamlined and satisfying digital experience.

4. Futuristic Solution

With the massive community support of thousands of developers and development companies, WordPress is ever-ready for future usage and challenges. In fact, WordPress is already empowering one-third of the top ten million websites on the internet, which shows how many companies trust this CMS.

Remember, when you pick an enterprise-level CMS, it is crucial to keep longevity in mind. Switching your website to a different CMS is challenging and requires many complex processes that cost money and time. Therefore, choosing a CMS that can be ideal for your business in the long run, is critical.

Wrapping Up

Well, after reading this blog, you might be confident enough that WordPress as a content management system can effectively fulfill the needs of enterprise businesses. Its state-of-the-art features, user-friendly interface, and secured web designing environment make it an ideal option to meet all your digital business needs.

However, if you are still wondering whether it would be suitable for your enterprise-level business or not, you can book a consultation with a proficient web development company. Their experts will understand your business needs and suggest whether WordPress is an exemplary CMS for you or not.

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