Why is Tree Surgery Important for Homeowners?

Tree surgery includes a huge range of things, to ensure that the trees on your property are properly maintained and kept looking their best.

In this article, written in collaboration with a leading tree surgeon in Gloucestershire, Cheltenham Trees, we take a good look at why tree surgery is a good idea for homeowners who have trees on or around their property. We will investigate what could happen if you do not take care of the trees located at your dwelling and also look at some of the legal responsibilities you have but may not know about.

The Importance of Tree Surgery

The Occupiers Liabilities Act of 1984 states that you should take all reasonable care to ensure your trees do not cause harm or damage to people or property. It’s something that should be included in all house surveys, for example, when you buy a property. Cheltenham tree services will produce a visual tree assessment if you need one which will inform you of issues such as the age of the tree, the size of the tree underground, the physiological condition of the tree and any recommended action needed to preserve your tree.

For example – some of the most common trees found in gardens in the UK are the English Oak Tree, The Silver Birch, Holly and Hazel Trees and a Green Beech. Trees worldwide provide a vital part of the Earth’s ecosystem and play a significant role in reducing erosion and, of course, gobble up all that nasty Co2 and turn it into lovely Oxygen for the human race. They must be protected whether they are in the Amazon rainforest or your garden in Cheltenham, which is where it appears they’re better protected as National Geographic reports that over the last 50 years the Amazon rainforest has been reduced in size by over 17%. Even more worrying is that between 1990 and 2016 the world lost an area of deforestation the size of South Africa according to the World Bank.

Owning a tree in your garden at home is becoming like owning a precious flower that we have to protect and keep alive for the sake of the immediate climate and ecosystem surrounding us and the World as a whole. Scientists believe that as Trees absorb the Co2 in turn they also eliminate greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases can cause heat rise in the atmosphere and this contributes to global warming. By keeping a tree healthy in your garden and using tree surgery experts in Cheltenham you are doing even more for the environment in one year than you do with all of your recycling collections, it’s that important you keep your trees in a happy condition.

One of the most common neighbourly disputes that we see in the UK is when a claimant alleges that tree roots have caused structural damage to their property. The claim is, therefore, that as the tree has not been cared for correctly and pruned at relevant intervals by a professional tree surgeon it falls under the section of neglect which states that a situation could have been prevented and as such a homeowner or indeed a local authority if the tree is on council land, is liable for damages caused. Another great reason is that you should have your trees regularly pruned and maintained by a professional tree surgeon.

Keep Your Trees Looking Great

Finally, you should look after your trees because they look after you and your family and they look amazing. I can’t imagine a World without trees because, quite simply, there would not be a World without trees so it’s our job, all of us, to look after and maintain the health of any tree that falls on our property and also do our best to live a life that is geared around protecting our environment. We hope you have enjoyed reading why you should always have your trees looked after by a professional tree surgeon.

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