Why Is Gifting Trivia Board Games a Good Idea


Board games have always been a source of entertainment and education, even in the civilizations of our ancestors. It has always been in our nature to associate social events with games and fun. The best feature of Trivia board games sold by online stores like BoomAgain is that they pull you away from phones and computers and helps you de-stress and unwind.

When it comes to gifting, Bone China plates and wine bottles have become old-school and mind you, only a specific age group can indulge in it as well. With the board game business estimated to reach 12 billion dollars, there is one game out there for every single occasion and every single person.

Gifting others is a form of showing appreciation and thankfulness. It also gives the feeling of happiness when you see that childish smile on their face. Going one step further, gifting board games have a few extra benefits as well.

When you see the science behind it, people who play board games have increased brain health and a higher cognitive function than those who do not.

Do you still have second thoughts? Read more to know why it is a good idea to gift board games.

A Treat for Board Game Lovers

It does not remain only a gift when you gift board games to people, especially to board game lovers. Board game lovers turn it into a collection and add it to their list of games. You can also try to figure out what is missing on their list and gift it to them as a surprise.

If they are a beginner to board games, you can find an interesting one to gift them, which will surely get them hooked.

Good Personal Connect

In the age when gifts have become mainstream, some people blindly order the gift to their close ones without even visiting them. Giving gifts is a very personal action which brings people on both ends together.

Finding out what their hobby or interest is and spending hours finding the right gift makes it worthwhile. If your family or friends are interested in board games, it is the best option to give them trivia board games. They will surely feel touched, and a good personal connection will also be established between you and them.

Themed Board Games

Board games are also the best choice when it comes to various festivals and occasions. Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, be it any occasion, you can gift a board game in that particular theme.

There are numerous board games designed in festive themes. Family board games, party theme, pop culture referenced games, Christmas theme, and more. With the ever-expanding list of themes, you can find board games matching the occasion you are gifting it for.

Improves Relationships and Bonds

Gifting trivia board games and playing it along with them will improve the bonding and relationship. The main foundation while playing in groups is cooperation. This improves when you play as a team.

It can also be a form of ice breaker between strangers and friends. Playing board games brings in a sense of belonging and strengthens the bond between human beings.

Scenes of Happiness and Joy

The feel-good chemicals which are naturally released in your body are endorphins. Playing trivia board games released this hormone, which usually keeps the person and the crowd happy.

These hormones can improve the unconscious and conscious mind functions. This makes the person feel cheerful, content, and compassionate. Laughter and happiness are contagious, and this ultimately leads to a happy crowd and a happy family.

Say Bye to Stress

The room can even be renamed into “Chamber of laughter” if there is a group in there playing trivia board games. Laughter is an important ingredient for creativity and a good learning experience.

Laughter also reduces stress. Laughing well and having a good time alone or with family and friends contributes to a happy life without stress. Board games simply achieve it with just one round of a fun-filled game.

Science- Increased Brain Function

Trivia board games are a good exercise for the brain. Playing revives areas in the brain which handle memory formation and origination of complex thoughts in kids and adults. It helps improve cognitive skills like decision making and problem-solving.

When it comes to baby boomers, the working memory, also called short-term memory, declines with age. Though it can be irreversible in some instances, the process can be slowed down by cognitive exercises in the form of trivia games.

Gifting someone what they want and what they will like can be a tricky job unless they are close to you. Though the digital era has taken over, gifting a board game can trigger their nostalgic experiences and will remain an unforgettable gift.

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