Why Is Cruelty-Free Perfume Important

These days, the world is becoming more and more aware of the painful realities behind the manufacturing processes of some of the typical fragrances and cosmetics that are sold on the market. Still maintain your looks and where a pleasing scent just like other products, except you won’t be doing it at the expense of an innocent creature.

However, the sad reality is that animal testing, which is what most commercially sold perfumes are derived from, is still an issue in 2020. According to research from Cruelty-Free International, there are at least 150 million animals that are tested from all over the world.

And given that there are better and healthier alternatives already available along with companies that utilize those alternatives, there shouldn’t be any reason for animal testing to even exist and can also prevent themselves from selling in mainland China, where animal testing is legal.

You want to know more about why you should switch over to cruelty-free perfumes and cosmetics, look no further than the reasons that we have highlighted in this article below:

  1. Extremely Cruel Animal Testing

If you were to assume that animal testing is merely just extracting fur or saliva from test subjects, then you’re completely wrong or have been highly misinformed. Not only are these poor innocent creatures confined to tiny cages with virtually zero mobility and put under inhumane conditions, but they are also being subjected to barbaric and heinous testings. We’re talking about being tortured, blinded, maimed, or even killed.

The Humane Society International reports that animal testing for cosmetics include eye and skin irritation tests where chemicals are rubbed or shaved onto their skin or are dripped into the eyes of these poor helpless animals. We may be getting our perfumes, but this is doing a whole lot of other damage to animals who don’t know any better.

In retrospect, the purpose of these animals is that they are being bred for the type of life that has them live in constant fear and suffering. And if you think we’re exaggerating, then take a look at this laboratory bunny (if you have the stomach to bear such a reality).

2. Animal Testing Isn’t Even Necessary

As we said earlier, there isn’t even a need for us to purchase cosmetics and perfumes that are derived from animal parts as there are plenty of other alternatives available. In fact, cruelty-free organizations are using over 7000 ingredients that have proven to be safe. They even vie for in vitro testing, which has several advantages over animal testing. Besides that, there are also cultured cell tissues and computer models as well.

The only reason why some companies opt for testing on animals is because of the low-cost behind it. But being affordable is no excuse for engaging in unethical practices.

3. Cruelty-Free Perfumes Are Healthier

The products that major brands sell are usually made from some of the harshest chemicals and ingredients that you’ll ever come across. Some of these chemicals include sulfates, synthetic dyes, and parabens, which causes people to experience inflammation, allergies, and breakouts.

Many cruelty-free brands instead use non-toxic ingredients and less the number of chemicals in their fragrances and cosmetics. As a result, people will less likely experience any of the aforementioned adverse effects related to animal-based products. Those companies that don’t want to harm animals also wish to prevent damaging other humans as well.

4. The Environment Will Be Much Better Off

When perfumes and cosmetics are manufactured at the expense of animals, they also release harmful chemicals into our environment. These chemicals are emitted from laboratories, which end up creating massive amounts of carbon and waste emissions that lead to global warming, bringing more harm to our environment.

There are over 12 tons of waste generated from those laboratories, and the worst part is that this waste comes from the excrement and carcasses of dead animals. Cruelty-free firms, on the other hand, are producing less carbon and waste emissions with their product manufacturing. What’s more, is that they package their products in sustainable packaging.

5. Dogs And Cats Are Being Tested As Well

No, you are not being misinformed. This is, in fact, reality and a downright cruel and inexcusable one at that. As a matter of fact, according to 2013 statistics, over 24,221 cats and 67,772 dogs were being subjected to extremely painful, harsh, and cruel animal testing in the United States alone. When it comes to dog breeds, a vast majority of beagles were used due to their docile behaviour. Why this isn’t treated as a criminal offence is something that baffles our minds. It’s basically madness at this point.

Instead of being treated as correctly domesticated pets like most households do, these precious creatures are being deprived of that kind of decent living and being forced to endure such harsh experimentations as lab animals.

6. Governments From All Over The World Are Placing Bans On Animal Testing

Thanks to the awareness generated by the ubiquitous power of the internet, several countries, governments from around the world, have already agreed to ban testing on animals for the production of cosmetics and perfumes. Such countries include India, Israel, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Korea, Norway, and the European Union. If this action from first-world countries is any indication, then surely the rest of the world can practice it as well.

7. Doing Good Overall

The main aim of resorting to cruelty-free products is so that innocent animals don’t have to undergo such harsh upbringings and treatments. Now that you know better, we implore you to do better as well. In due time, you will begin to understand how much more peaceful and thankful your conscience will be.

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