Why Glasses are better than Contacts?

It is a personal choice whether you choose glasses or contact lenses based on your lifestyle, convenience and budget. Both have their pros and cons but generally, glasses are more beneficial as compared to contact lens. There are different platforms to buy glasses online now and pick the frame of your choice with a correct check of optical parameters.

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Benefits of Glasses

No matter what people say about contact lens, the reasons for preferring glasses over them are quite valid.

  • Eyeglasses do not need much maintenance and there is no need to touch the eyes for wearing them unlike contact lenses.
  • The chances of eye infections are very less, hence the glasses are safer to use.
  • Glasses are also good for improving the health of eye as the cornea gets covered by contact lenses which cause a decrease in oxygen supply resulting in discomfort and redness. So, in case of glasses, such issues do not occur.
  • There is a lot more freedom while using glasses. Contact lenses require too much care, baggage and scheduling.
  • One of the major issues about contact lenses is that they get dried out if you have put them the whole day. The vision becomes blur. Glasses make you feel fresh and vision appears far clearer.
  • Above all, glasses add more to your personality and appear classy.
  • The eyeglasses can adjust suitable amount of light entering your eye. Contact lenses cannot do that.

Hence, it is clear that glasses are a far better choice than contact lens in many ways. Talking about glasses, it becomes necessary to go for the right choices. You just cannot pick one frame just because you liked it or it suits you well. There must be a proper checkup of eye and the glasses chosen should be in accordance with the prescription given by the eye physician.

Due to advancement in technology, the online shopping has become a huge trend these days. Likewise, eyeglasses are also being displayed online with varied range of frames and color combinations. It is not only easy to choose from multiple options but also get suitable glasses with updated prescription.

Not Much Economic

The contact lenses are very expensive in comparison with glasses which make them not much economic. Therefore, only few people can afford them and keep the intact. The hydro gel contact lenses involve the use of solution to keep them intact and fit for use. Hence, glasses are far better to be used with ease and comfort.


Glasses come with a variety of options; they may be single vision or multifocal (bifocal, trifocal, progressive lens etc). There is also a range of frames and styles. In case of contact lens, the options are limited to lens colors and the sensitivity remains there. You won’t find any contact lens that is easy to use. Hence, the baggage always comes along. But still, there are people who like experimenting with them as they do not have to be put as an external aid. They find it better to get the contact lenses placed over the retina rather than trying out glasses.

Contact Lenses

They can be daily disposables that are worn just once, extended-wear lenses which can be worn overnight and taken off once a week only. By using contact lenses, you have to be extra careful to clean them properly or else they can produce adverse reaction to the eye. Due to intensive care and sensitivity, they are not right for everyone. People who can maintain and use them in the correct way can go for choosing contact lenses over glasses.

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