Why Everyone Says Chatbots Are The Future Of Communication?

There is so much buzz surrounding chatbots lately, and if you haven’t heard of them yet or you have a limited experience with them, chances are you will have a lot more soon.

Since Facebook announced Messenger bots in 2016, more brands have begun leveraging chatbots as a way of communication.

Many people believe chatbots are too technical. However, they have been made easy with non-coding Messenger chatbot building platforms like Zebrabuzz where you can create a smart bot in minutes and connect it with several communication channels.

Although most companies use chatbots for basic communication, the results have been impressive, and with artificially intelligent chatbots, we are experiencing the future of communication.

What are Chatbots?

Simply put, a chatbot is a computer program that can simulate conversation like a human. There are simple chatbots, and there are advanced ones; this is defined by artificial intelligence.

There are non-conversational bots that are programmed to only answer based on what has been put into them – to give a particular output.

The advanced ones are deeply rooted in artificial intelligence and can send and receive messages in natural language.

Why People Say Chatbots are the Future of Communication

With all the several benefits chatbots offer and the various communication channels they can be integrated into to provide optimum service, it is clear why many believe chatbots are the future of communication.

They are right, and just like it is popularly said, “the future is here.” How? Chatbots as the future of communication can be seen in the number of industries that currently use them to automate processes. They are being used in almost every walk of life nowadays by various brands to communicate.

Food Industry

The food industry is one of the biggest and most important industries. Many food companies are now using chatbots to automate the way they engage with their customers.

Customers now communicate with chatbots to book reservations, make an order, and track their orders with little or no human intervention.

Whole Foods, Domino’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Say2eat, Halla, Pizza Express, and many others use chatbots.


With the help of chatbots, people can now see and speak with their Doctors right from home. Some chatbots connect you with different health workers all around the world depending on your complaints.

Sometimes, you don’t have to see a health worker. With AI, chatbots can answer questions on health issues easily.


This could be the most common place chatbots are currently being used. With chatbots, customers can get almost any information they need about a business and its products.

They can get answers to FAQs and also get to buy and sell. Brands like H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Sephora, Burberry, and eBay are just some of the many retail stores that have found the importance of chatbots in communicating with customers and are now using them.


You can now easily hail a taxi by simply speaking or chatting with a chatbot. You can also see the distance covered, how far you are from your destination, the type of taxi, and other information.

There are many other industries where chatbots are leading the way in becoming the future of communication. Any business that wants to get ahead must leverage this tool in engaging customers.

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