Why Do Most Accident Injury Cases Settle?

In the United States, approximately 96% of all personal injury cases are settled without litigation. Settling a case means that the plaintiff and the defendant reach an agreement to resolve their dispute without going to trial. As anyone who has ever been involved in a lawsuit will tell you, the process is long, drawn-out, and expensive. Settling your suit out of court can save you time, money, and stress. Many benefits come along with settlements for both plaintiffs and defendants in personal accident injury cases, some include;

Avoiding the Long, Stressful Litigation Process

Litigation can be an extremely stressful experience for all parties involved. Emotions can run high, and things turn sour between the people involved. Both parties can also be examined and cross-examined on the witness stand and have their past, character, and beliefs publicly scrutinized. Settling out of court can help preserve relationships between parties involved in the dispute.

Saving Money and Time

In most cases, a trial will not begin for more than a year after the original claim is filed. Even if one of the parties wins at trial, the other side can appeal the decision, prolonging the uncertainty and expenses. Even with a reasonably straightforward personal injury case, the process can take anywhere between a few months to several years – and sometimes even more. On the other hand, with a settlement, both parties know precisely how much money will be exchanged and can put the subject behind them once the agreement is signed.

The involved parties have control over the outcome of their case

Going to trial means giving up that control and leaving it in the hands of a judge or jury who may not see things your way. If you’re willing to compromise and agree on a settlement, you can be sure that you’ll get what you want out of your case.

Settlements are almost always final

Unlike trial decisions subject to post-verdict appeals, settlements are usually binding and irreversible – except for a few rare occasions. The settlement serves as the finalization point of the accident injury case. The post-trial proceedings can take years to complete, and things can change, allowing the defendants to walk free.

The privacy of the parties involved is not compromised

For most personal injury plaintiffs, privacy is usually crucial. Accident victims may not want particular evidence, testimonies, or images to be freely accessible to the public. However, the details of a trial are public records unless the judge orders the documents sealed, which rarely happens. The law requires all personal injury trials be open to the public. However, when disputes are settled outside of court, the settlement details can be kept private except for the settlement amount.

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