Why Buy a Tag Heuer Timepiece?

The brand is known for making high-quality timepieces for more than 150 years. Tag Heuer is one of the most famous Swiss watchmakers. Watches made by the brand are recognizable among watch enthusiasts all over the world. Timepieces manufactured by the company also have been used as the official timekeeper at different sports events. The famous one is on the racetrack with Steve McQueen.

Whether you are in hunt of sports watches or love the vintage collection, Tag Heuer provides you a full-packaged timepiece series under a single roof, with modernistic technology and wide varieties of timepieces, you can choose one that matches best to your outfit.

Reasons to Buy a Tag Heuer

Following is the most-satisfying list of features, a Heuer timepiece provides to you.

  1. Wide Range of Functional timepieces

There are a wide variety of timepieces manufactured by the brand. The brand is famous for making timepieces that suit intense life-style, whether It is for diving purposes or to fly high in the sky, a more innovative version of the timepiece was seen every time since 1860.

Carrera collection is known to be the cause of the brand’s success, the original one from 1963 is one of the most popular versions of Heuer wristwatches. Today the Carrera collection is filled up with many chronographs and 3 hands timepieces. Many of the limited editions were also launched in this series; some of the top-class editions are featured by chronographs with addition to the tourbillon.

The timepiece series contains different collections available in many variations to color, designs, and materials.

Collections of Tag Heuer

  • Carrera
  • Autavia
  • Formula 1
  • Aquaracer
  • Link
  • Monaco
  • Connected
  1. Optimal Precision

The brand relies on the concept that to make a high-quality timepiece, the main thing that matters is the precision. The company’s main focus is on making a timepiece with an optimal rate of precision and accuracy, to ensure the reliability of these factors each timepiece is passed through several tests and conditions similar to real-life.

The world’s first self-winding movement featuring double tourbillon is one of another examples of the brand’s passion for making a goal then breaking the records. High -the level of precision and accuracy has become the brand’s standard, as if the timepiece is perfect it stands on this factor then it will become a part of Heuer’s family.

Carrera Calibre 360 is one of the brand’s record-breaking calibres manufactured in 2006, this master-caliber features two types of movements: One for the chronometers and one for the time display. This caliber was designed to pay tribute to a Mikrograph version of 1916. All movements at the company are officially Swiss certified.

  1. A Choice of High-Profile Personalities

Your accessory reflects your sense of buying and choosing. The brand’s timepieces have been seen on the wrist of many high-class celebrities and sportspersons. Tag Heuer expresses the factor that wearing a Heuer timepiece makes one’s self fully motivated, and gives him the ability to surpass his limits.

The tag line “Don’t Crack Under Pressure “is just not a tagline but is a mental state of both the owner and the timepiece, So, whatever the condition is It always be a constant ally.

Steve McQueen also wore a Heuer Monaco in 1917’s debut film Le Mans, later on, this timepiece was sold on the auction at 799,500 Dollars, it is considered to be one of the most-expensive timepieces by the company.

  1. A Wise Investment

Buying a Luxury timepiece like Tag Heuer is something valuable, you are investing in. It holds its value or even gets higher over time. Many of its early models were sold at the auction for thousands of dollars.

You can sell a timepiece at an attractive price point even after using it for months. It’s a safe investment. But people don’t buy luxury watches because of the resale factor, they buy it because they like it or they can.


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