Why Businesses Should Sell Services with WooCommerce

There is no question that any business that does commerce online needs a solid eCommerce platform. This platform should be reliable, integrate easily with your website, and be capable of enhancing your sales and your business. It should also be as easy to use as possible: Your time and effort need to be concentrated on enhancing your business, not managing a payment platform.

Thankfully, the WooCommerce platform meets all of these important metrics. Here is an in-depth look at what the WooCommerce platform is, and why it can be so beneficial to your business.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform that comes with many features for your website. Specifically, it is a WordPress plugin. With over a decade of experience, WooCommerce has a variety of features that can make it ideal for any business, from a start-up to a multi-national conglomerate.

Since WooCommerce works as a WordPress plugin, it gives you the ability to easily be installed on your WordPress site.

What are the Benefits of WooCommerce?

  • Ease of Creation: Looking to set up a store on WooCommerce? No problem. All you have to do is visit their website and click on “Start a New Store.” The site acts as the ultimate digital placeholder of your store. You can create services, track inventory, and establish discount codes for customers. WooCommerce acts as a literal one-stop-shop and digital payment solution.
  • Easy Integration with Other Platforms: Do you use Stripe? PayPal? Square? It doesn’t matter: WooCommerce can integrate with any of these payment solutions and process payments using many different types of software. You can also use WooCommerce’s own payment solutions. The choice is yours.
  • Robust Mobile Solutions: As any business owner knows, business is no longer done only at a computer or website. More than ever, you need mobile solutions. Thankfully, WooCommerce comes with a highly active and easy-to-understand mobile app. This allows you to operate your store from your phone or tablet.
  • Customization: WooCommerce is a platform that is built to help store owners that need customized solutions. The platform is open-source, meaning that experienced programmers can develop merchant-specific solutions for businesses who need the program to do more. This allows you to make WooCommerce truly yours and develop a payment platform that meets your needs.
  • Live Support: One of the greatest challenges with any online payment platform is getting customer support. This can be particularly problematic for global stores, as they may not be able to get customer support in their time zone. However, that’s not a problem for users of WooCommerce. The platform boosts tech support located in 58 countries, assuring users that they can get the help they need, regardless of the time of day or where they live.

There are many eCommerce platforms that you can choose from, but WooCommerce offers a variety of features at competitive pricing. Indeed, it is virtually impossible to find another eCommerce platform that offers such a useful combination of features at such good pricing.

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