Why A Gaming Laptop Is Good for More Than Just Gaming

When you’re thinking of gaming, you’re thinking of controllers, light-up keyboards, desktops, and of course, gaming laptops. There are a lot of reasons why gaming laptops are so popular within the community. They’re compact, pack a heavy punch, come in all kinds of different forms, and often retail at a price that offers great value. You can learn about the performance and power of dedicated gaming devices, on this website: www.pc4sy.com

But gaming laptops also have a bad rep. People only think that they’re good for gaming, that their flashy appearance makes them stick out in an office environment, often drawing unwanted attention. If flashy looks don’t bother you, then you can throw the rest of the misconceptions out the window. The best gaming laptop is often a multi-tasking machine, great for gaming, hobbies and workplace productivity. Let’s see how.


Gaming laptops, at their core, are an investment. Initially they aren’t the easiest on the wallet when it comes to a purchasing budget, but compared to your standard notebook, but gaming laptops are built to last. So, in terms of price, you’re actually getting a better bargain when getting a gaming laptop.

Apart from the better build quality that’s associated with gaming laptops, you’re also getting a future-proof machine. Planned obsolescence isn’t applicable to Windows-based gaming machines, so your laptop will be useful for as long as it lasts. So, if a mobile gaming station is something that’s interesting to you, then grab a gaming laptop. You won’t be disappointed.


Whether you’re the type of person who always has Netflix or Youtube running in the background or you need to keep 247 tabs open in Chrome for work, the extra RAM and the internal SSD within a gaming laptop will help you multitask without experiencing freezes, random hiccups, and giving you a smooth operating experience.

Perfect Machine for Heavy Software Like Adobe CC

As we already know that gaming laptops are specially optimized for better gaming performance. Thus they are capable of handling complex tasks. Being a gamer by heart and graphics designer by profession who works with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro, etc, I use my Asus RoG GL 502vs for all my editing work and I’ve not felt the need to get a separate laptop for running Adobe creative cloud apps.

If you have an extra monitor, then you can run demanding software, like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Blender, anything that you would run on a desktop system, and get work done in style. The hardware’s extra firepower also allows you to work with these demanding software while on the road, especially if you need something capable of 3D modelling and rendering.

Tasks Other Than Gaming

Whether for productivity or for pleasure, gaming laptops also handle other tasks with superior speed and responsiveness.

Typically, gaming laptops have better screens, giving your content better colors. But sometimes the screen shows wired this is not a big issue to worry about Visit pickcheaplaptops.com/laptop-screen-weird-colors-and-lines/ to know why your screen behaves wired.

Netflix will be more enjoyable because of the higher resolution and better color depth. A gaming laptop also typically has better speakers, so listening to music on it is a much better experience.

Gaming laptops are also great for taking to presentations because they have such good hardware. You’re not as likely to experience crashes, making them ideal machines for an office environment. If you’re planning on using it at work and have a lot of nosy people in your office, then maybe grab one that’s less flashy if you care about that sort of thing.

The Cost

A gaming laptop is a good investment. While the purchase cost is higher than a normal notebook’s, when it’s time to upgrade, you can really get a good chunk of your money back because the hardware is still relevant.

Sure, gaming laptops are quite expensive, and the price to performance ratio is much lower than a PC’s. That being said, Windows-based gaming laptops don’t even touch the cost of a Macbook, which doesn’t even have as good of a spec list. So, sure, you pay a premium for the custom mobile hardware, but you’re getting a gaming-capable machine that can also run demanding software.

You can also upgrade a laptop’s RAM and storage, giving it quite a bit more time before it becomes obsolete. Overall, we think that it’s a good investment.


Gaming laptops are becoming better and better with each passing year. If you’re the busy type of person who also likes gaming on the side, then a gaming laptop is a great choice for you. Gaming laptops are very capable machines who can run the latest AAA titles with ease while also being useful in an office environment.

To ensure that your laptop will last as long as possible, upgrade its storage and RAM if appropriate, strap it with a good cooling pad, and open it up once a year to remove any dust build-ups. We’re sure that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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