Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Compatible With an Aquarius?

The Aquarius sign is enigmatic even for an air sign. Like its siblings under this element, Aquarius is defined by a lightness and openness to change that reflects the qualities of the elemental group. Unlike the others, it is often noted as a calm sign, an optimistic one, and a rebellious one at the same time. This seems contradictory at first, until you look at the reasons for these traits showing at once.

Aquarius is driven by lofty moral ambitions and a generally optimistic view of people, which tends to make them adamant about fairness and the evenhanded treatment of others. As a result, when an Aquarius encounters injustice in a situation or a system, the confluence of all the Aquarius traits usually lead to open rebellion against that injustice. This means that other signs driven by fairness, equality, and balanced applications of the rules will wind up having high compatibility with Aquarius.

Capricorn Romantic Season

Capricorn is currently experiencing a strong romantic season due to a collision between Pluto and Venus near the beginning of the sign. Capricorns are also known for their preference for fairness and willingness to fight for it. While not usually seen as rebellious because of their streak of adherence to rules and expectations others do so, when confronted with injustice the Capricorn reaction is usually in line with Aquarius’s response. As a result, the two signs are often compatible even though they could not be more different.

It might be the time to consult the most accurate psychic readings online for advice about your compatibility with Capricorn signs based on your full chart, your current horoscope, and your life path. Otherwise, other fairness-driven and optimistic signs are also great choices for romantic partners, if you choose to have one.

Romance Usually Takes a Back Seat With Aquarius

While Aquarius signs usually love being in relationships, the independent spirit and eccentricity-driven nature of the sign’s basic personality pattern tends to make romantic attachments a lower priority. As a result, it can sometimes seem like an Aquarius in your life loves being in relationships but not staying in them. The key to commitment working out is another personality that is attuned to the whimsical nature and need for novelty that usually drives Aquarius despite the outward appearance of emotional control.

Since the signs that tend the least toward this kind of flexibility are also mostly the ones with shared compatibility across the Aquarian need for fairness, justice, and other lofty virtues to be honored, that can make romance seem challenging. The most accurate psychics out there are the ones who know how to look past simple sun sign compatibility to find the deeper revelations in a chart so you can tell when someone has that streak of novelty you need to stay interested as an Aquarius. It can also be a good way of checking to see how compatible you individually would be with an Aquarius, if there happens to be a special one in your life.

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