Which is the best hair transplant method?


Are you dreaming about healthy, dense hair with a perfect line of growth? Hair transplant can solve all your problems with baldness and return confidence. As ISHRS statistics show, over 630,000 people do hair transplant and get rid of alopecia.

Due to such popularity of the procedure, the clinics invent new techniques and improve the existing ones to achieve the best result during hair transplant. Among the most common technique of the procedure are FUE, DHI, and FUT methods. Let’s consider which of them is the best and most appropriate for your case.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique

FUE is the most spread method to transplant hair — it is a seamless and sparing option. During operation, a hair transplant technician creates grafts (2-4 hairs) extracting hairs from the donor zone. Then, a specialist makes tiny punctures on the hairless area putting prepared grafts there.


The duration of the procedure depends — it can take from 3 to 8 hours! So, it demands high professionalism of a doctor to stay attentive for a long time.

Among the main benefits of FUE are:

  • low injury rate and absence of scars (only small hardly noticeable traces can remain)
  • a patient recovers quite fast
  • 98% of transplanted hair survive and then grow as own ones.

FUE is the most popular hair transplant technique for now. Among its advantages are a long duration and a limit of transplanted grafts per 1 procedure — up to 4,000. You can find in Turkey The most affordable price of FUE hair transplant on Bookimed, an international platform for medical tourism.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

FUE technique is improving permanently. One of its latest modifications is DHI method (Direct Hair Implantation). The procedure is carried out with Choi, a special pen for implantation. During DHI, a doctor collects hairs and puts them inside the instrument. Then, while pressing the button on Choi, follicles are implanted immediately in the skin without incisions or puncture.

DHI is even less traumatic and painless than FUE. However, it also has a disadvantage — it is not suitable for patients who want to transplant a lot of hair for 1 procedure.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

This hair transplant technique is considered old-fashioned by many specialists nowadays. In comparison with FUE method, FUT is quite traumatic option. During this type of hair transplant, a doctor carefully cuts out a strip of skin and hair from the nape. Then this piece is cut to form follicles that are transplanted to a hairless area.

As a result, a scar on the nape remains. However, it is easily hidden under the hair.

The benefits of FUT procedure:

  • the grafts are made very fast
  • the duration of the operation is reduced by twice (in comparison with FUE)
  • a bigger number of grafts can be transplanted at once that is a perfect option for people with advanced alopecia.

Despite some advantages of FUT, still, FUE or DHI is the most favorable ways among the most of hair transplant doctors. Surely, FUT can be applied in some cases, but they are quite rare.

Allurium Beauty would recommend not to choose hair transplant option by yourself. Only a specialized and experienced doctor can decide which of the method will be perfect for you.

So, if you really want to have hair transplant operation, prepare photos of your head from other sides (top, back) that will demonstrate the level of baldness. Then, send these images to a doctor you want to manage your operation, and then a specialist will decide what method is better to use.

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