Which is Ideal Shared WordPress Hosting vs Managed WordPress Hosting?


Shared vs Managed? It has been a hot topic in WordPress for a very long time. We are no stranger to both the terms now. In multiples reviews, comparisons and the surveys that are conducted, this topic has been discussed quite a lot. We have gained valuable information, interesting point, but the thing is, we end up confusing ourselves as to which is ideal? You are always wondering after the debate as to which is better, a shared hosting or a managed hosting? This question pops us every time and thus to help you get through this mess.

We have in this article defined each of it in a detailed manner. The debate on this is never-ending and each has got its own pros and cons. However, depending upon the unique needs of yours, only among the 2 would be ideally suitable. Guessing which one? I hope you get the answer after reading the article.

What is a Managed WordPress Hosting?

This is a type of hosting service which provides the user the most idealistic, powerful technologies. All of which makes your WordPress site secure, manageable and fast. Such companies take the responsibility of providing you the service of hosting issues like security checks, updating WordPress, backup concerns and a lot more. They make sure premium services are provided to the customer along with solving the queries in no time. However, this is an expensive service while comparing it with shared, as you are the only owner of it, you take the charge.

THE Pros

  1. Backups

The files on your site are backed up regularly, they are secured and also a restore functionality is present.

  1. Faster

A managed WordPress hosting from HostingRaja offers smart technology that makes sure your site is faster. Also, the security issue of your WordPress is taken into consideration so the site is protected from hackers or malware.

  1. Updates

All the main updates of WordPress are properly utilized with it.

  1. Support

This service provides premium quality to the customer and if you want to enquire about anything you can call the staff for immediate response.

The Cons:

  1. Expensive

The only cons it has is its expensive pricing. But considering the technology, feature and huge security, the price does the justice well.

What is A Shared WordPress Hosting?

However, when you talk about shared hosting, it is a setup where your accounts are being shared with other accounts of the same server. This makes the hosting extremely affordable, and thus got great popularity. Many websites seem to use this only because of the price factor which is definitely quite appealing in all sense. You share the resource with other web owners and thus it becomes budget-friendly. There are few issues of site backup and performance and security, but the lowest price point does justice well.

The Pros:

  1. Cost

This WordPress hosting is the cheapest one as compared to managed hosting, being shared of resources the purchase can be affordable and easier.

  1. Email Accounts

You get to access email service for free, that too professional ones. Its easier to make commercial email id in no time.

  1. cPanel

You have got the ability to administrate your website, domain, emails and more. This is a very rare facility provided and you get it in shared WordPress hosting.

The Cons:

  1. Slow response

The response time is very slow, the site loads a little too much which can be Intimidating

  1. Downtime

There are certain cases of downtime experienced by users who do act as a drawback of it.

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