Which is better for dogs: Chewy dog food or homemade food?

The combination of natural foods and Chewy dog food negatively affects the health of the pet. Eating dry pet food and natural homemade dog food at the same time can have serious consequences. Such as an excess of protein or a calcium deficiency. It’s worth taking a closer look at whether you can feed your dog dry food and homemade food at the same time. Learn more about Chewy dog food vs homemade food for Your Dog at www.drfoxvet.net

Can I feed both dry and natural foods at the same time?

The question of whether to give your dog dry food from best Chewy brands view on bestdogfood.expert and natural nutrition at the same time is on the minds of many dog owners. To avoid problems with nutrition, remember that the dog’s body is less adapted to a variety of foods than the human body. The answer is unequivocal: feeding your dog straight nutrition and dry food at the same time is highly discouraged.

Mixing Chewy dry food and homemade dog food

So why shouldn’t dry Chewy food and natural dog food be mixed? It would be too difficult for the stomach of an animal to digest so many different types of food, and as a result dogs have difficulty digesting, their metabolism is affected, and they lose important micronutrients.

The average dog’s stomach takes no more than a couple of hours to fully digest food, and food begins to leave the stomach after forty minutes. But when feeding solid pellets, this process is much slower, and for these forty minutes he only swells up. That is, if you treat your pet to Chewy dry food with homemade natural nutrition, the food will leave the stomach along with undigested bits that will rot in the intestines.  Therefore, the answer to the question of whether you can feed these types of food at the same time is strictly negative.

Mixed feeding of dogs – consequences of the wrong diet

Nevertheless, the debate about the need to alternate between dry and natural food to maintain a balanced diet arises all the time. It is not advisable to do so because of the following risks:

  • skin disease, hair loss;
  • Discharges from the eyes, nose and ears;
  • itching;
  • Stool disorders (constipation or diarrhea);
  • vomiting;
  • Weight loss, weight gain or fluctuation.

The question of whether to alternately feed your pet dry and natural food should be decided on an individual basis, based on the pet’s examinations, and considering the likelihood of the complications mentioned above. It should not be forgotten that allergic dogs and animals with chronic illnesses are at risk.

A few rules for those who have to feed their pets mixed dog food

If you do decide to feed your dog both straight food and dry supply, there are some simple rules to remember:

  1. When feeding from one bowl pre-soak dry pellets.
  2. To make the most of the benefits of dry food (cleaning of the dental cavity), give it a couple of hours after feeding regular food.
  3. When choosing foods, stick to one manufacturer.

If the dog eats “super-premium” dog foods as Kirkland, it is strongly not recommended to mix dry food with homemade nutrition to diversify the ration. Because high-quality foods meet all the requirements of a balanced diet and contain the right amount of nutrients. Otherwise, the owner of the pet will not even know approximately how much of these micronutrients his dog has received. To preserve nutrients, it is better to store dry food in a special best food storage container view review.

Before feeding your dog with dry Chewy food and natural food, you must carefully consider the pros and cons, and remember the cardinal rule: you must not mix the two products at the same time. As to whether it is acceptable to feed mixed food to dogs, the determining factor is the individual characteristics of the animal and its state of health. Pet owners who decide to use dry food and natural food at the same time should first consult a veterinarian.

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