Which Car Colour Gets Dirtiest Faster: Black Or White?

There’s no doubt that car owners always want their vehicles to be polished and clean. There are certain owners out there who would wax and clean their vehicles every weekend and the others would perform the same activity once per month. Typical car owners would mostly fall into the latter category.

It’s also for the very same reason why the colour becomes an important factor when planning to buy a new vehicle. There will be a lot of sentiments when buying the vehicle for the very first time, but the moment your car will start to get dirty, the emotions will start to fade away. Since you want your car to look exactly the same as when it was inside the car showroom, you need to first know which colour will take the least amount of effort to clean.

Black Versus White

There has always been a long discourse on whether white or black is the best colour choice for a vehicle. The current trend for choosing car colours has always been in the following order – white, silver and black. However, sometimes trends can be pretty misleading. So, which colour should you be choosing for your vehicle?

Well, white is the common car colour in today’s world and many people do believe that it gets dirty faster. However, the truth is far from that. It should be remembered that black coloured cars have always proven to be difficult to keep clean. Staying clean with all dark colour vehicles has always been the hardest. Any small dirt will tend to show up on the vehicle’s body. Moreover, rainstorms will leave grave ugly marks on the car.

Apart from that, black coloured cars also attract all sorts of dust and dirt – from bird droppings to pollen. There’s also the issue of overheating because black bodies tend to absorb more light than white coloured ones. Therefore, in simple words, your black coloured car will look uglier over time if it’s exposed to high temperatures every day, compared to a white coloured car.

Even though white coloured cars don’t get dirtier as fast as black coloured vehicles, they are still not the best either. If you’re living in a place where there is a lot of red clay or volcanic soils, white coloured cars will get dirty as well. The same can be pronounced if you’re driving through dirty roads every day – as suggested by a car detailer in Gold Coast.


White is definitely the clear winner between the two – even though it is certainly not the best. There are also further shades that you can choose such as red, champagne or silver – which are easier to clean than the previous colour choices.

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