Where to Find the Most Comfortable Booty Shorts

Summer is here, friends. You know what that means. Cookouts, pool days, trips to the beach, and snow cones.

As the weather gets warmer and the sun starts to make itself known, we all start to feel the heat. We also want to show off our tan. And what better way to do that than to shed some layers and flaunt what you’ve got?

Now is the time to wear crop tops and, you guessed it, booty shorts.

But how do you get in on this trend that keeps us coming back for more every year? You do it in style and you do it comfortably.

Here’s the how and the why.

Why Booty Shorts?

So what might be the reason to don some of these teeny-tiny bottoms? Many of us already know the reasons, but if you’re someone that still needs some convincing, don’t worry. We’ve got you.

They’re Comfortable

For starters, they are super comfy. Booty shorts are small, so they allow for a lot of free leg space. This allows you the freedom to move about and do as you please, whether that’s participating in a game of sand volleyball, dancing with friends, or running around through the sprinklers reliving your childhood.

They Keep You Cool

If you live somewhere that reaches well into the 100s in the summer, we don’t even need to tell you how important it is to dress cool.

Booty shorts cover only what’s necessary, allowing the rest of your legs to be free from the stifling effect of pants or longer shorts. This keeps the sweat to a minimum and lets you stay cool, calm, and collected during the hot summer months.

They Keep You Looking Hot

Yes, they also will keep you looking hot.

If you’re worried that you won’t look good in booty shorts, then babe, you’re wrong. Everyone who has a booty looks good in booty shorts. Even those of us who have barely a booty still rock a pair of these bad boys.

Where to Find Comfortable Booty Shorts

So where can you find all of the hottest trends and comfiest styles of booty shorts available on the market today?

Fear not, we’ve got the deets on where to find ‘em.

The Internet Is Your Friend

If we’re being honest here, we’re buying most of our things online now. Like, if not most, all of the things. And why wouldn’t we?

The internet is a huge place full of wonderful things to buy and try out. So why wouldn’t you go to your best friend, the internet, to find the most comfortable booty shorts that money can buy?

Online retailers sell some great booty shorts, plus you can read reviews before you buy.

Comfortable, Breathable Material

Some of the booty shorts out there are, well. We’re not going to lie to you here, some of them are just plain uncomfortable. Not only the denim daisy dukes but any stiff fabric is going to quickly become wedgie central on (well, in) your booty.

Culprit booty shorts are made from breathable, comfortable material that stretches with you wherever you decide to move. Plus, they’re breathable, allowing you to cool off faster and not spend your whole day in butt sweat (ew, we know). The moisture-wicking fabric helps you dry off fast no matter where the day may take you.

Get Comfy in Your New Booty Shorts

If you’ve been dealing with the same uncomfortable jean shorts that ride up every time you wear them, it’s finally time for an upgrade. Get yourself some comfortable new booty shorts and get to enjoying your summer in style.

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