Where to Buy Curvy Road Signs for Your Road

As a driver, you’ve probably passed a ton of signs while going down streets and highways. Road signs can range in color from orange to yellow and red to green, blue, and brown. One of the most common colors for road signs is yellow, which is the color that corresponds to a general warning pertaining to roadway conditions.

Curvy road signs, also known as winding road signs, are one of the yellow road signs you might see on a highway. These signs are shaped like a diamond and feature a curvy line that goes from right to left and back to the right with an arrow at the top.

What Do Curvy Road Signs Tell Drivers?

Curvy road signs are considered warning signs and are posted for drivers to let them know that a curved section of road is coming up ahead of them. This kind of road sign is used in environments where at least three curves are on the road at a tangent distance of fewer than 600 feet. In some cases, a plaque will be posted under the sign to offer drivers insight on the length of the winding area of the road.

As a traffic sign, the curvy road signs give an idea of when, where, and how quickly you can drive in a specific location. The rules behind these signs help to keep traffic moving in a safe manner. The diamond shape of a curvy road sign constitutes a warning sign that shows there are road hazards ahead. The addition of the image on the sign explains why a driver needs to be cautious and slow down.

Where Do Curvy Road Signs Most Commonly Appear?

There are a variety of signs that indicate turns, intersections, and curves in a roadway. The curvy road sign indicates three or more turns, while other signs may show fewer curves if those are present. There are also signs for regular turns, curves, reverse turns, reverse curves, hairpin curves, and more.

Curvy road signs are only located when all of the curves on the road are 600 feet apart or less. If only two curves are coming up, you’ll instead see the reverse turn or reverse curve sign. These are similar to a curvy road sign but have fewer bends in the arrow that points in the direction a driver is going.

Some of the things to remember when it comes to curvy road signs include:

  • Road warning signs are expected to be obeyed as they offer a warning to drivers about hazards that might be present ahead.
  • Curvy road signs are placed before a road section that will have three or more curves in it.
  • Sometimes a plaque with distance will be below the sign to show how long the winding section will last.
  • The signs are created to remind drivers to slow down before reaching multiple curves on the highway.

Are There Different Types of Curvy Road Signs?

The traditional curvy road sign comes in only one type, which we’ve described above. However, some signs look similar or can be used in place of the typical winding road signs you might expect. For instance, some roads may have signs that offer lettering instead of graphics that might read “dangerous curve ahead” or “narrow winding road.”

One of the signs that can often be mistaken for a curvy road sign is the “slippery when wet” sign. Instead of having a single arrow with several curves in it, this sign features a car with a curved path behind each of two wheels. This sign does not designate that the road is going to have curves ahead, it is there to tell drivers that the road can be slippery after rain or snow.

The road sign with a double curve symbol is also similar to a curvy road sign. Instead of starting the image at the bottom and moving to an arrow at the top, this sign moves from left to right and has larger curves on it. However, this is another warning sign so it has the same yellow color with a black graphic on a diamond-shaped sign.

Where Can I Buy Curvy Road Signs for Sale?

There’s no need to visit a physical traffic safety supply company to get the curvy road signs that you need. Worksafe Traffic Control Industries, Inc. offers an assortment of signs, barricades, and other products for use on streets and highways. We have been in business for 27 years and consistently work to exceed customer expectations.

We are a competitive choice as a business and government contractor and work to ensure all products are the highest quality possible. This woman-owned company offers a seven-day turn around on orders so you can get the signs you need fast.

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