Where to buy a stainless steel work table and other must-have restaurant equipment

When it comes to selecting commercial equipment for a food establishment, the features that you should look for are durability, strength, high-impact-resistance, increased hygiene. After all, be it a stainless steel work table, shelving system, or cabinets, it will serve for more than just one year and must certainly meet your needs, optimizing space, promoting cleanliness, and assisting kitchen staff during food prep. Thus, it is vital for foodservice businesses to pick stainless steel furniture that will improve efficiency. Stainless steel work tables, countertops, shelves, racks not only look beautiful but resistant to excessive moisture, heat, high temperatures, ugly stains, cracks, and scratches. With proper maintenance of stainless steel, you will enhance food safety, simplify cooking routine, and boost your restaurant credibility due to the superior quality and impressive taste of served meals.

Essential stainless-steel equipment for your catering establishment

Bakery oven racks

If your restaurant menu contains baked products, desserts, sweet goods, confections, or you own a pizzeria, bakery, or chocolate store with your own production, you probably won’t be able to operate smoothly without bakery racks. Such a mobile multifunctional rack allows quickly and securely transporting goods and maneuvering around the kitchen. A food prep station that can hold up to 20 sheet pans and usually made of stainless steel is an ideal space-saving solution. To keep making delicious dough products, sheet pan racks must become your excellent assistant. Usually, such metal constructions are long-lasting, easy to assemble, have flexible wheels for moving around.

Wire basket shelves

To add extra storage place for faster access to food ingredients or kitchen tools that you should keep within reach, you can purchase wall mounted wire basket shelves to deal with a lack of storage space. It is possible to install a wire basket shelves anywhere in the kitchen at a convenient level. And although such equipment seems fragile and easily broken, such a basket can hold heavy items, ensuring ventilation and steadiness. Thus, no dust will accumulate on the stored objects.

Wall shelf for microwave oven

A microwave is a central object at every commercial kitchen without which it’s hard to quickly and efficiently serve meals. However, to choose the location for this appliance can become a real challenge, especially when it comes to ergonomics and kitchen design. A microwave wall shelf can resolve this issue — it allows securely keeping an oven close-at-hand. The main safety parameter is stable and reliable support of microwave.

Stainless steel work table

If the above-mentioned equipment can have some alternatives such as carts, drawers, and cabinets that also optimize the space capacity, then it doesn’t seem possible that restaurants can operate successfully without mobile work tables with casters that extend working surfaces and is easy to sanitize. The countertop can serve not only as a food prep station but also can hold frequently used appliances, utensils, and devices. Stainless steel doesn’t impact the quality and taste of prepared dishes, it can easily withstand the effects of acids, cleansers and chemicals, liquids, and food particles. Such tables can come in different sizes, finishes, and with some extra modifications like under-shelf, drop-in-sink, a panel that protects the wall from splashes. Casters improve flexibility and facilitate area cleaning. It can solve an issue of wave and uneven floor. With a stainless-steel table, you will get:

  • a sturdy and long-running worktop with ample space for storage;
  • sterilized and safe food prep area;
  • the versatility of a professional work station for performing a range of commercial tasks.

Where to buy heavy-duty work tables with casters?

You can find a range of durable metal equipment in the catalog of AmGoodSupply. Thus, you gain an opportunity to maximize storage space and ensure a secure environment free from bacteria, mold, and debris. The stainless steel work table is corrosion-resistant, can withstand heavy use, and suit any design. Maintenance practices include wiping with proper tools and washing products to keep it shiny, polishing with special paste for stainless steel to prevent rust, sanitation to kill harmful microorganisms. An open base work table can fit not only commercial needs but also be useful when organizing space at home, simplifying daily kitchen routine.

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