When temptation strikes: 5 ways to resist it

Temptations are common in everyday life and what one does to overcome temptation is what is important. When struggling with addiction recovery, people face a lot of temptations because the stimulants that trigger the urge to drink are plenty. The strong will to reform to a better person is what gives people the strength to overcome temptations. Those who are not strong enough at heart normally fail because of the force of temptations. Failing in temptation doesn’t mean you are weak, you just need a few tips to overcome them. Here are some of the ways to resist temptation.

Get Yourself Away from the Temptation

There is one mistake people do, staying where the temptation is happening hoping that you will overcome it. An example is when you want to quit smoking but friends keep coming with a cigar tempting you to smoke. In such situations, you should be ready to forgo your friendship. Continued exposure with such people will make you come back to your smoking habits. The same thing happens to drink when a person brings a bottle of alcohol to you, the best way is to excuse yourself so as not to taste it. Using a detox drink also helps, such as Detoxify Mega Clean in this review:

Always Have a Strong Will

Staying sober is an endeavor that one needs to be ready to indulge in. The health and social compromise that comes along with drug abuse is intense and should sound abnormal to any person of sound mind. As a result, make sure you decide from your heart that no matter what, you need to have the best life. A strong will is enough to say no to any temptation that wants to drag you back to your old unpleasant ways. Always make sure you have the strength to defend your principles so that no one drags you to what you don’t know.

Keep a Positive Mindset

When you believe that you have been defeated, they will be defeated. First, make sure you have the mentality that you are stronger than the temptation. You will be able to enjoy excellent outcomes every time you meet a temptation. A positive mindset will make your body to work in harmony and resist the temptation. For example, if you used to be an alcohol addict and all of a sudden someone brings alcohol, just remind yourself that your resilience will prevent you from addiction. Reminding yourself the good things that come by being sober will motivate you and make you stay sober.

Choose something to Believe In

When you have something that you believe in, it will be easier for you to overcome temptation. For example, people may recite a holy verse that connects them to the God they serve. By doing that, you know there is a strong supernatural being that watches over you and will not be happy if you sin. As you do that, you keep yourself from addiction and you can stand out. Always make sure you have the best things to believe in. Prayer, bible verses, songs, or friends to share with.

Contact Your Counselor

Counseling is a very enriching session and those conducting it are normally well-informed. When you contact your counselor, you will be advised on what to do and why you should not use the small moment to ruin yourself. You can even talk to a friend who you trust can help you overcome the temptation. Just make a call, explain the situation and you will be helped.


Temptations can reset your reformation process and make you look as bad as before. Know what is of importance in your life so that you don’t encounter any kind of relapse. If it is alcohol or drugs, make sure you leave it completely and even the friends that use it should not be part of your life.

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