When Should You Use Urgent Care

Urgent care centers are becoming a more popular

alternative for patients to visit. They can be extremely convenient because

they offer high-quality healthcare. When your primary care physician’s office

is closed, or your family doctor has a full schedule for the day. Receiving

medical attention at an urgent care clinic can be helpful, especially if you

find yourself in a situation where you need medical attention outside of

business hours or on the weekend.

You should seek an urgent care facility if your

health issues require a medical assessment within 24 hours. And, your symptoms are

not life-threatening. If you are in pain but debating, if you can wait until the

tomorrow to see your doctor, you should go to an urgent care facility. A medical professional can help relieve your

pain level as well as give you a bit of professional advice according to your


However, while quick care clinics can facilitate a quick

visit a medical professional, sometimes you may find yourself in a limbo debating

if an emergency room would be a better option than an urgent care center. Below

are some of the ideal situations to visit an urgent care clinic instead of the emergency


  • Cuts- A cut not too deep and bloody, but requires


  • Accidents – Broken bones protruding outside

the skin should be treated in the ICU room.

  • Small breathing difficulties- For example, moderate

asthma patients

  • Red eyes with irritation
  • Small broken bones in fingers or toes
  • Flu or fever
  • Infections like Urinary

tract infections(UTIs)

  • Dehydration caused by diarrhea, and vomiting

Please keep in mind that the emergency room is intended

for valid and severe emergencies. Emergency rooms already tend to have

extremely long wait times, so please consider visiting an urgent care clinic if

your condition does not appear to be life-threatening.

Using the same token, you can walk into an urgent care center where the medical staff will give you a

diagnosis. If your condition turns out to be worse than you thought, they will

direct you to whatever healthcare provider would be most fitting.

Advantages of Urgent Care vs. Emergency Rooms

If you’re trying to decide whether to receive treatment at

an urgent care center or if you should go to an emergency room, one thing to

keep in mind is the crucial differences in the costs. If you visit an emergency

department, even if it ends up being for a small health issue, you could end up

paying an expensive medical bill.

A majority of emergency rooms are required by

state laws to provide medical care to anyone who walks in the door. While this

can be a good thing, it can result in a higher cost for you because hospital

sponsors tend to make up for their losses by charging patients who can manage

to pay a high rate for their visit.

Since urgent care centers operate as private entities,

they can refuse to treat uninsured patients or patients who are unable to pay.

As a result, they keep their medical treatments at a rate

that’s lower than emergency rooms.

When you are researching which urgent care center you’re

going to receive medical treatment from, you should call ahead of time to check

that they’ll take your medical insurance. If they are a part of your insurance

network, you may only have to pay a small co-pay fee out of pocket for your


Choosing Your Ideal Urgent Care Facility

Some people have a misconception that urgent care

facilities are like the walk-in centers like your local drug store. But, urgent

care clinics offer a much more comprehensive scope of services. A walk-in

clinic might only provide you with a vaccine or a specific kind of


On the other hand, urgent care centers offer a broad scope of

medical services. Some urgent care facilities might provide more medical

services than your regular primary care physician would. This is because urgent

care facilities are intended to be one step below an emergency room.

Some urgent care facilities specialize in specific

medical conditions such as heart, lungs, or joints. If you’re looking for a

therapeutic option outside of your doctor’s regular working hours, be sure to

locate the urgent care facility that best fits your health needs.

If you have ongoing medical conditions, it should be to your advantage to be your primary

physician’s office to share your medical records with the urgent care facility of

your choice before you have a health issue and seek medical assessment the

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