What’s the Importance of Having Proper Grammar?

One of the famous sayings is that Communication is Key. If communication is key, how will one be able to communicate well if they do not have proper grammar? It is often recommended that proper grammar is followed at all times, especially if you want to be an effective communicator. Get detailed information about the grammar mistakes that are common even in native English speakers, on this website: https://canisiuscampus.net

Because having proper grammar is vital to being an effective communicator, many have sought ways to improve their grammar. There are various places where you can learn more about proper grammar, one of these being this grammar school in Melbourne.

What is Proper Grammar?

Proper grammar is when you can speak and write clearly, without any possibility of miscommunication or misunderstanding. When you have proper grammar, your word choices are easily understandable by your audience, and the rules of basic sentence structure, including punctuation marks and proper spelling, are followed.

Why do I need Proper Grammar?

Proper grammar is a great asset because it helps both yourself and those around you who are listening to or reading your message.

Since proper grammar enables you to be more understandable and credible, this makes communication easier, wherein there is less likelihood of errors in communication that lead to confusion and misunderstanding. With slang terms and informal language being the dominant form of communication nowadays, you must remember the importance of proper grammar.

To be more understandable

Having proper grammar enables you to be more understandable because you can clearly communicate the message you are sharing. When you can communicate clearly, there is less risk of miscommunication because your audience understands your message immediately without the need to decode the true message of your written or verbal text.

Similarly, when you use proper grammar right away, the message that your audience understands is the exact message that you would like them to receive. Through this, what you mean and what your audience understands are interconnected. When what you mean matches what is understood, you are assured that there will be no miscommunication or misinterpretation of what has been said or written.

To be more credible

Having proper grammar also proves to your audience that you are credible. This is because proper grammar forms an image of you that shows you are educated and a professional since you pay attention to detail, leading to a good impression.

 Additionally, while using big words may seem like a good idea, these words become less important when they are used with improper grammar.

Likewise, when dealing with clients or your bosses, improper grammar may also give the wrong impression since they have difficulty understanding the message you would like them to receive. Particularly important when speaking or writing in a formal setting, having proper grammar will enhance your chances of being remembered as an individual.


Being an effective communicator with proper grammar increases your confidence in speaking and writing as you recognize that you are understandable and credible. It is not enough to be a communicator. You must be an effective communicator whose words and messages are clearly sent to your audience.






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