What’s going down in 21st-century bathrooms

The bathroom has always had a style and functionality all of its own but recently, in the 21st century, bathrooms are now increasingly becoming incorporated into the design of the house as a whole. So what’s trending in the bathroom for 2019 and how can you make a design statement ahead of the curve for 2020?

Colour is back both in sanitaryware and walls and floors with exciting new products which offer versatility and style rather than just plain old tiles. The stripped wood and white look which has been around for decades after the riotous headache of colour from the 1970s has finally had its day.

  • Colour is back. After years of the clinical white look, colour is coming back but don’t think the aggressive browns and greens of the 1970s (there are some design trends from mid last century which are best left there), but powdery blues and strong greens
  • Mirror shapes are moving away from porthole to rounded oblongs and the butterfly shapes of the last century
  • Geometric black and white is back with strong angled lines to the bath and basis moving away from rounded, sculptured shapes, lighten the mood with lots of greenery, bring nature inside
  • Tiles are large and elongated with subtle shimmer effects which come to life when they reflect in the water
  • The texture of marble and stone is right on trend with new synthetic materials cleverly creating this sumptuous and exotic look at a fraction of the cost with shower walls, bathroom panels and floor coverings
  • Chunky rustic and industrial is back so white ceramic basins on top of large butcher’s block tables. Finish with an old-fashioned radiator straight out of the 1960s
  • Crittall has revisited even in the bathroom. Crittall made metal framed windows in the mid-years of the 20th century and were quite famous. Now this design is being used on shower cubicles and creates a chic urban feel that is right on trend
  • Colour is making a comeback on bathroom walls and not just colour but patterning. Use a waterproof bathroom wallpaper and introduce some vibrant and exotic designs, most effectively used on just one wall or as a splashback
  • Metal never really left the bathroom but gone is the shiny chrome which matched up with the clean white bathroom suites, think gold and copper tones to pick up on strong industrial styling, brass is back. Introduce this through the choice of taps and fittings

The bathroom has lurked in the doldrums for decades, its almost as if no-one dared touch it. Now, styling in the bathroom is moving forward strongly as interior designers don’t see any reason why the rest of the house should be carefully considered and the bathroom left as an unloved postscript. Some of the industrial styling found in the kitchen is now creeping towards the bathroom. And the advent of new materials allows householders to create some amazing looks without the need to resort to the cost and hassle of the real thing which also have a permanency about them which is then hard to change when you fancy a refresh.

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