What You Need to Know About the Bard Power Port Lawsuit Settlements?

Lawsuits involving defective Bard Power Port implantable devices have resulted in major controversy and litigation lately. If you or your loved ones have suffered due to a defective Bard device, you may be eligible for significant compensation.

Here’s what to know about Bard Power Port settlement amounts and factors that impact case value:

Overview of Bard Power Port Lawsuits

The Bard Power Port lawsuits have gained attention due to allegations of potential defects with certain devices.

The defective medical devices resulted in serious injuries, complications, and severe infections. The pending Bard Power Port lawsuits have been merged into a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the US District Court for the District of Arizona under the supervision of Judge David G. Campbell. 

The lawsuits accuse Bard Access Systems Inc. of failing to provide adequate warnings about potential defects with the devices, which led to fractures, infections, blood clots, and other complications.

However, Bard Access Systems, Inc., the manufacturer, is against any such consolidation for pretrial proceedings. Despite the increasing number of federal lawsuits against them, all claim similar accusations of severe complications due to the poor port catheter design.

Several documents have been released. These documents claim that the Bard hierarchy was well aware of the risks long before they became public knowledge. These documents might finally be the key to uncovering Bard’s ignorance of the potential harm they were causing.

The Bard Power Port lawsuits claim that the company received multiple injury reports for years but chose not to inform the patients of the risks, including blood clots, excessive bleeding, infections, heart punctures, and more. 

Plaintiffs have filed more than 50 lawsuits, and the number is only expected to increase as lawyers across the United States are still accepting cases. Following the lawsuits, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiated a class 2 recall for certain defective Bard Power Port implantable devices.

Understanding the Bard Power Port Lawsuit Compensation

According to TorHoerman Law, Bard Power Port lawsuit cases are still in their early phases, and no payouts have been made.

However, attorneys estimate that the average Bard Power Port lawsuit settlement amount might vary from $10,000 to over $250,000, as per the extent of the injuries and the litigation course.

The numbers are estimations based on past product liability lawsuits and are not a guarantee of financial compensation in the Bard Power Port lawsuit. If you or your close ones have suffered any injuries due to a defective device, consult an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will help you establish your eligibility and provide you with all the legal options available to you.

What Injuries Are Caused by Defective Power Port Devices?

Defective Bard Power Port devices have been linked to a range of serious injuries, some of which can be life-threatening. These injuries can result from the device’s faulty design, manufacturing defects, or improper use.

Some common injuries associated with defective Power Port devices are as follows:

1. Catheter fracture and migration: A polyurethane and barium sulfate mix makes up the catheter.

Over time, due to the interaction of raw silicone or polyurethane with barium sulfate particles, pockets of barium sulfate and oxygen are formed throughout the catheter body. This can weaken the catheter’s mechanical integrity and create a rough catheter surface, making it more prone to cracking or breaking.

Broken fragments of the catheter can then migrate through the bloodstream, potentially causing:

– Blood clots (thromboembolism)
– Irregular heartbeat
– Organ damage
– Internal bleeding
– Cardiac tamponade
– Intense pain
– Perforated tissues

2. Catheter disconnection: Improper insertion or handling of the Power Port device can lead to catheter disconnection, where the catheter separates from the port. This can cause:

– Infection
– Air embolism
– Bleeding

3. Catheter erosion: Over time, the catheter material can erode through the skin, causing:

– Infection
– Pain
– Bleeding

4. Catheter malposition: Improper catheter placement can lead to:

– Chest pain
– Respiratory distress
– Puncture of surrounding organs

In addition to these specific injuries, defective Power Port devices can also cause:

  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT): Blood clots that form in the deep veins of the legs or other parts of the body.
  • Vascular damage: Damage to blood capillaries, leading to bleeding or tissue damage.
  • Nerve damage: Damage to nerves in the area surrounding the port, causing pain or numbness.
  • Infection: Infection at the implant insertion site, which can spread to the bloodstream and cause serious complications.

If you’re experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, seek medical and legal attention promptly. Early diagnosis and treatment can help minimize the severity of injuries and prevent further complications.


Individuals affected by the Bard Power Port issues should be aware of their legal options and considerations. 

Understanding eligibility for filing a Bard Power Port lawsuit and the potential compensation involved is vital. Remember to seek legal counsel to determine the best course of action and the potential outcomes of pursuing legal action related to the Bard Power Port device.

Time is of the essence to review options and prepare a strong case.

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