What You Need To Do For Your Back Pain 

Lower back pain is a common problem that leads to disability worldwide. According to studies, around 80% of people suffer from back pain once in their lifetime. Only lower back pain is not a widespread issue but people often experience it in the middle and upper back.

My family Rheumatologist in Karachi says that Pain that lasts long up to three months is known as chronic pain that can interfere with your daily activities and also disturb your personal life. There are some medicines available that help to relieve the pain but let us tell you that you can also follow some natural ways to cure back pain issues.

But first, you need to learn about the main causes of chronic back pain.

  • When your spinal canal narrows, it causes nerve pain that is known as spinal stenosis.
  • If there is something wrong with your disc, is known as a herniated or bulging disc.
  • When your cartilage thins gradually inside the spine, it forms arthritis of the spine.
  • When you feel muscle pain for an unidentified reason, you may develop Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

Sometimes, you can deal with your back pain on your own using home remedies. But you need to understand your back condition. For example, if you have a sports injury, you need to visit your doctor for a complete checkup.

Manage Back Pain At Home

  • Stretch Your Back for Strengthen 

Having strong muscles leads to the supporting back. You need to follow some strengthening exercises at home as they can develop strong muscles. If you are in your late 60s, you should stretch your back in the morning. It will strengthen the muscles around your hips and allow you to do your daily tasks without any interruption.

  • Go With Healthy Diet for Ideal Weight

Fat is not good for every age. Even it can cause various health issues. Losing some weight can help you to lighten the load on your back. A person with overweight increases the mechanical force on the spin that results in chronic back pain. You need to visit a nutritionist for a healthy diet and cut back off junk food.

  • Say No to Cigarette Smoking

People who smoke more than four times a day are at high risk of developing degenerative disk disease. It does also affect the other person who inhales the same smoke. Nicotine and tobacco in cigarettes affect the spinal bones and cause the nutrients loss that is crucial for your joints.

  • Stay Active 

The myth about back pain is that you should not move if you are having pain. You should avoid such misconceptions and should stay active. Studies say that people with back pain need to do their daily life activities without any interruption. You can also consider the walk for 30 minutes. Inactivity may develop the weak muscles around your spine and back, and this condition leads to chronic back pain.

  • Focus on your Body Posture

Natural ways include how you hold your back when you sit. For example, if you sit in your office, what body posture you follow. You should learn how a good posture can deal with aligning all bones in your spine.

  • Use Heat and Cold

If you are at home and feeling back pain, you should go for ice packs. You should wrap the pack in a towel and put it on your back. It relieves the numbness in the back but makes sure you follow this practice for at least 20 minutes. If you do not like a cold pack, go with the heating pads. To relieve the stiffness of the back, a heat pack is the best choice but ensures how hot you need to use it.

  • Get a Pain Relief Cream

You should keep some pain relief creams at your home. Creams with capsaicin help to relieve back pain. You can also use menthol creams but don’t apply too much, or it can cause you more sensitivity to pain.


When I visited Iftikhar Memorial Hospital, I met with a patient who had chronic back pain but did not want to quit smoking. Lifestyle changes can help you a lot dealing with back pain problems, or you do not need to rely on medicines.

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